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    I always like to dig up stories or experiences from the other side of the coin when it comes to domain acquisitions. Buyers not from the domain industry often give their true feelings about how smooth or rocky the process was when acquiring a domain name. Most of the time these stories are under the radar and never given any widespread notoriety so we don't ever get to see them in the … [Read more...]
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    @equity78 Thank You for this Wonderful Insight from an End user perspective about how should Domainers be to Increase their Professionalism and directly how it affects the sell through rate of overall Domains portfolio and also the sales of that particular Domain being sold.
  3. Joe Nichols

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    That was a fantastic article. We all need to read stuff like this to help us keep our heads out of the clouds.
  4. equity78

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    Yeah that's why I wrote about it Joe with it being not a brand new post from the author, they touched upon so many different members of the biz. Sedo, Frank Schilling and Marchex got roasted and somehow Rick Latona got praise
  5. FolioTeam

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    Had to lol at this.

    we’re looking for opening offers in the x,xxx range”. This is my most epic absurd experience in the
    Domain aftermarket. I was trying to buy a domain from Marchex or Archeo or
    something. These people are the worst I ran into. So I give him an offer in x,xxx
    range, and then he came back and said, thanks, now we need an offer in the
    xx,xxx range…. I’m like what? So just to be stupid, I gave him a 10,000 offer even though I didn’t even think it was worth 10K and wouldn’t have paid that, at this point I was curious what his response would be. He then said something like: ok, I have spoken to
    management, and now that we know you’re serious, we need an offer in the xxx,xxx range. Huh??? This Marchex Company just really doesn’t get it and they are very
    scuzzy. If anyone asks you for an “opening” offer, it means you’re trying to
    kick a 75 yard field goal through a pole that is mounted on wheels and there are a couple
    dudes in the end zone trying to move it every time you kick. Just give up on
    trying to work with a company or person like this.
  6. Josytal

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    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting reading.

    I literally LOL'd at this:
    "The idea of “pushing” a domain name into my account seems sketchy to me, so I would try to get it out of that registrar and into another one as soon as possible.
    If someone can simply push a domain into your account, I have to think someone that that company can simply “push” it back out…"
  7. Brands.International

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    seems like still in small shock from meeting a domainer and a domain aftermarket :)
  8. Samer

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    Great article, priceless industry prospective on what looks like a vet negotiator for sure,information will be studied. I never thought examining, the prospective replies u get on inquiry u make gave this much away

    I don't agree everything he said, but he’s on-point.
    If any one of you, get actual RESPONSE, on inquiry, you made, interested in buying, study their response, they gave more away, than I realized!

    I also really like “if they provide first last names in their email signature, much more likely, to be legit.” Something else, thats small i didn't consider.

    The fact, article, had Oct 2019 comments on bottom, think, means, did well sharing this! I found timeless.
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