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  1. Ariff BD

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    We have heard several big domain investors Like Rick Schwartz selling domains for a good price including a good share of the business.

    What is your idea about it?
    Do you think it is a good idea?

    I got an offer for hyphae) of 15000$. But another blockchain entrepreneur offered a 10-15% ownership of the (access centre to other tools and useful content, AMA)- business.

    I need to work out to make the deal trustworthy.

    Is there any chance they take my domain & abandons me for some silly reason? Since I am from South Asia & he is from Spain.
    For such a contract, will I have to transfer the domain like a seller to buyer completely? Or I keep it on my account but get it to develop as a manager?

    I appreciate your knowledge database, suggestions, Guidance for such a domain deal where the domain is traded for fractional ownership & a position of the business.

    I am willing to get the most benefit from the domain also visit Spain or settle there if the website becomes a big value business in Spain.

    Thanks in Advance for your co-operation.
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  2. Arturo IM

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    I understand that you have two options .

    Accept or negotiate the 15K usd offer and end the deal or take a % of participation of a X business .

    If that participation can provide you more profits than 15K I personally think that is not a bad idea . In that case you should study carefully that business and it structure because in Spain there are a lot of types.

    About the transfer of the domain , is the last step that you should do . In the first case use a escrow service and in the second one do a good legal contract with a lawyer specialized in this topic.

    The distance and the language are important because as I understand you don’t speak Spanish and you don’t have the nationality .

    If the contract take place in Spain and the business is there all the regulations will follow the Spanish law so keep in mind to do all carefully and don’t transfers the domain until the end .
  3. Josytal

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    It can only work if you have ultra-premium domain name. Better still, consult a lawyer.
  4. biggie

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    to enter something that you have no apparent knowledge about, could cost you more in the long run...than just taking the cash now and moving on to the next sale.

    you would need a lawyer skilled in such contracts and they aren't cheap
    also, unless you are privy to the financials of the biz offering you a cut, then you don't know what the value of the percentage they are offering you, is worth now or what it may be worth in the future.

    the person you mentioned has plenty of experience in this area and if you can't get him to lead you, then maybe it's not a road to go down, yet.

    Good Luck, though!

  5. Lox

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    Ask for a Letter of Intent. Once outlined, you will have a better understanding of B2B joint venture agreements.
  6. jhm

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    @Ariff BD I find these situations rather vague sometimes ...getting a percentage of something. As mentioned, you need a lawyer, it needs structure, you don't really know what you're getting into ...its a pain

    If it is truly worthwhile, you are better to just ask for their projections, and work out what they're going to pay you. You want a number, monthly or annually ...if they default, the agreement between the two of you has been violated, and they will no longer have use of the domain (which of course, you keep in your control will direct the domain to their site only)

    This is a simple, less headache way of doing things ...doesn't need to be complicated. If percentages and the hassle along with that is a pain - Get a figure
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  7. Ariff BD

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    Yes I am already offered for that

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