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    New site is launching... We'll compete with Brand Bucket, Brand Root and the rest.

    Name Gain is different in that our domains are for a no-term lease with option to buy. This means that the lease can be canceled at any time. Having a low monthly lease payment without a term, makes our domain names very attractive to end users because we reduce their risk which makes it easier to make a deal.

    The benefit for domain owners is a great 15% return of the purchase price and a possible future sale. For example, an $8,000 domain will bring you $100 per month ($8,000 x 15% / 12).

    We're also different because we don't charge any commission on sales. The other sites charge 25%. But, we will charge a yearly listing fee. This fee will keep the bad stuff out and the money will be used to advertise to end users and for overhead.

    We're launching and need some quality names to populate the site before we can market our site to end users. So, I want to give away 30 to 50 free listings. The normal price will be $30 per domain per year. The launch price will be $9 and then gradually going up from there.

    Another great thing is that we're non-exclusive. This means you can sell your names elsewhere at the same time.

    If you have some good domains and would like to test Name Gain free for a year, PM your names and the purchase price. You can also create a free account at and let me know your username. I can then add them to your account.
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