Bob’s Discount Furniture Upgrades to

Labeled as .com in Domain Buying and Domain Purchases started by News, Aug 4, 2018.


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    Very strategic move considering they are already known & addressed by the name. Thanks for sharing
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    My name is Bob and I have used that name for many years so I think sort of have an implied trademark through use. Do you think I can issue a UDRP to get it? :xf.grin:

    OK being serious, I do wonder a bit about going to a name that is simply Bobs without any indication of the type of company it is. The name Bobs is super widely used everything from discount furniture to a Brazilian fast food chain with more than 1000 outlets, from various trade companies from plumbing to electrical and many more, to a shoe and slipper line of products, to charitable and creative organizations. Right now Bobs is not at the top of Google (the Brazilian fast food company is, even though operating with a country code com).

    Anyway, as always, interesting story from Elliot. Too bad that neither party were willing to disclose the price, which I am sure was high.

    I had a look on the Wayback machine, and the site has been active since 1996. It was most active around 2005-2006 when a musical group called TheBobs used the name.


    ps Nice to see that they put it in use right away, as it already redirects to their former site.
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  4. myfavorite

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    They are already known by that name in there area of operation. Unless we consider their spreading further.

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