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    You never believe articles published by a domain registrar pumping a domain extension. Why do you think they do that, they want you to register some .online names with them, thats their business.

    The best test is to email some shares, cannabis, real estate, insurance etc companies and ask them the following

    1) Have they heard of the .online extension?
    2) Are they interested in buying one?

    I can almost assure you the answer will be "no"

    Focus on extensions that sell, its the best way to make money in this business.
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    My honest opinion is that with .online being one of the major keywords and having seen a few at the top of Google that it is possible to make a nice sale if the words are perfectly matched.
    I think there's room for growth in the future and I agree that a handful will be worth holding onto.
    For readers, I suggest NOT registering .online but clearly Chantelle has a port of .online domains that actually make sense.
    If upvoted or popular/searchable, that indicates people have tried to register the names, it indicates that the names would definitely work for the purpose intended.
    The realistic price or the lesser appeal of .online extension is a consideration, but the relevance is the key! If I registered for example that would be absolutely perfect where advertisers pay up to $60-70 or so dollars for casino kw.
    The phrase is therefore valid and worth buying.
    Have a look at keyword planner and see what the maximum keywords cost.

    As for the appraisal value, I have no idea. I would be very wary of the offers and do plenty of research. I wouldn't hold. I'd sell not to the highest, but the most legitimate potential buyer. This is good business!
    If the maximum advertising for those keywords (way above average CPC) matches the domain/s in question and the site is developed, it should easily reach the top in Google (my opinion).
    That's my humble opinion, I'd hold a couple and take what I can get.
    I don't find it impractical at all.
    But I wouldn't EXPECT or count my chickens!
    I wouldn't spend anymore on the project.
    And if your domains are getting genuine offers, why not get a broker involved?
    When domain privacy isn't active you will get far more spam offers than real ones.
    Maybe someone can check your offers for you?!
    Realistically, possibly you could expect 4-5 figures. I don't think the name is that amazing (see my example) but it's certainly feasible. GL! :)
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