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  1. maven

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    Hi guys,

    I've been lurking around for a while but this is my first post so be gentle :)

    I want to ask you all what TLD you recommend for development into a content website around a specific topic (unrelated to online).

    Com is out of the question. The price for a even remotely decent com is insane.

    My options are:
    - net/org/info: I've found something ok in every one, the best is in org but from what I've read so far most of you don't love org very much.
    - gTLD: The exact match is still available in some new gTLD (group, click etc).
    - ccTLD: I've found the exact match in cc and io, is taken in co ... but I dont think to be very expensive.

    What do you say?

    And somehow unrelated to domains, do you think is still possible to make money from content websites starting from zero, or do you really need a lot of money to pay for premium domains, ads, seo, etc. ?
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  2. Silentptnr

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    Hi and welcome.

    Without knowing the name or industry its hard to say. Each extension has different appeal.

    Based on what youve posted i would go with .co.

    As far as costs, i suggest you quickly build a business plan. This will serve as your roadmap.

    Good luck
  3. Casey L

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    All that matters is the content. If the content is quality enough, the extension won't matter. That being said, the more well known the extension, the easier it will be for marketing. People would rather visit than if the content is the same. I understand the .com is out of your price range but it's food for thought
  4. comati

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    if you have a good org go with it, i don't like org because it doesn't make me money not because it does not have potential for development.

    actually, there is a small content website on an org ... :) have you heard of it?

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