Best practices: Selling domains privately to inexperienced buyers ?

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    I am wondering what members here find to be the best practices for this kind of domain sale:

    Outbound to a business, client has never done a domain purchase before. Client is willing to do any kind of payment. Client is one of two types of buyers (you decide when responding):

    1) "Just sell it to me quick, I'll take my risks "
    2) "I dont trust you, make me feel safe."

    What is your preferred technique, considering the sale is done at your price, they just want the domain. Selling, paying, transfer, etc. tips to protect you and get it done quickly.

    Buyer can be same country OR you specify warnings for certain countries.

    Best protection from fakes, charge backs, etc.

    Feel free to post anything, this is a very fluid subject.

    Thank you.

    (ps - if this gets a lot of posts, maybe make it sticky.)
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    Offer several options for transfering the domain - Escrow/Undeveloped/Sedo/Afternic.
    You want to build trust. Sometimes the best way to do that is to have a respected third party take care of the transfer for the buyer and seller. Also, make sure you're with them through the whole process. A happy customer can come back again for more, or even for advice.
    Undeveloped has worked wonders for me. They are great at communicating with the buyers and making sure they receive the domain on your behalf.

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