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I hope this will be an interested thread to read, I know a lot of people could benefit from this info :)

Okay so one way I find expired domains is searching a specific term on Google, then I'll download the pages that come up and import the pages (preferably ones with high DA + PA) into the Xenu software for it to search those pages for expired links within

Here are some good search terms that I've come across to use so far:
"Links" + "Niche" (Change 'niche' to preferred niche term)
Links Niche
"Blogroll" + "Niche"
Blogroll Niche
"Blogroll" + "2016" (Change year to preferred year)

these are some that Iv'e come across that I find work well :)
If anybody uses this same technique for finding domains and has any other terms that they'd like to share that they find work well, feel free to post them in this thread

We all become wiser by learning from each other :)
All feedback is appreciated
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Another good search term is also:
"Websites" + "Niche" (Again changing 'niche' to preferred niche)
inanchor:"useful links" + niche
intitle:"sites" + niche
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