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discuss Best advice for marketing domains & portfolio

I have a number of domains that I am ready to sell quickly.
What is best advice for marketing domains & portfolio?
Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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All members here also have domains and ready to sell them quickly for the right price .
The advice is first to list your domains in the appraisal section and then see the experienced domainers opinions and evaluations .

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I'd try to get in front of a target audience by focusing on establishing outbound leads.

If your domains are built around a niche you could tap into said niche via Social media. Just one strategy here..

Good luck!


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Selling quickly with domaining is never a good idea. If you try to liquidate your domains you will usually end up with reseller prices or lower. The best strategy is to price your domains with Buy Now price on Afternic and Sedo and wait for an end user.

If no end users are searching for your domain then your domain is not good. Outbound rarely yields good results unless it is an exact match. Even still, you have to wonder why the end user never typed your domain in?

If you have many low-quality domains, then you might consider dropping them. The yearly renewals will cut into your profits and it is better to own few high quality domains.

1 domain worth $10,000 only costs $10 per year to keep.

100 domains worth $1000 each costs $1000 per year to keep.

Many domainers only get 1% sales in their portfolio per year. If you have 100 domains and sell 1 for a $1000 every year, then you will pay all of that profit to renewing the other 99 domains.

Invest in a few high quality domains where there's no question their value. Put a retail buy now price on Afternic and Sedo, renew for a few years and forget about it. That's the best way.

Hope this helps.


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May i see your list of domains? I see your all out with the gold and blue.
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Cola is a very good one, I would submit it on squadhelp to have more exposure. Best of luck