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I am a newbie to backordering domain. I have multiple parts question which would help me and many other newbies. I would appreciate your guidance in this process. The questions are

  1. When should you backorder. Say if a domain was registered on January 31st 2010 and expries on
    January 31st 2016. Should you backorder on January 31st 2016. or wait 10 days, 30 days or 45 days?

  2. Best backorder services? Should a person just backorder on SnapNames, Namejet, DropCatch, Pheenix or just godaddy ( I know most folks don't like them) or all five of them. Do any of these charge upfront?

  3. How can you find out which service has caught the domain, if you didn't backorder the domain vs if you did backorder the domain. Like how can someone lookup recently caught domains by the above services?

  4. What is public vs private auction in domains?

  5. How should you bid on the domain auction?

  6. How much should you expect to pay/bid in the domain auctions (both public or private).

  7. From your experience, Isn't just asking the domain owner cheaper (if they have it just sitting there) rather than going through the hassle of backorder then going through bidding olympics?

    If you could please response point by point. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank You :)
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