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  1. alcy

    alcy Top Contributor VIP

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    can someone plz explain to me what is the best way to go about getting a domain that expires in few days and is now on registrar? it's a .net.... sorry i am not familiar at all with when can i place such a backorder or on which service? or is there another way to get it? i am not sure where expired domains go from

    i looked around a bit and for instance found service to backorder any name for no upfront fee on registrar.. is this good? or does it rank very low in terms of maximizing my odds of catching it there?

    many thanks for any info.
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  2. Kenneth Smith

    Kenneth Smith Established Member

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    the same thing hugedomains is buying up domains so quick that sometimes it not even worth putting backorders on it.
  3. sharastar

    sharastar Established Member

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    Sav is Good but Dropcatch is Better.Better to put it on both if you need the name the most.

    But with Dropcatch it's better to have Regular Backorder to get the Domain than Discount Backorder if it's a quality and you need it most then always go for Regular Backorder which gets the job almost always done.

    As they say if you have Discount Backorder then they Dropcatch (aka Huge Domain can bid against you) but if you have Regular Backorder then they will not bid against you.

    Also Namejet your other option if you wish to put it on your arsenal.
  4. Ryan217

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    Supposedly (if you believe them) if there is a backorder though Dropcatch HD won't compete for the domain.

    Place back orders wherever you can, Dropcatch, Sav, Epik, even Snapnames or namejet if you are ok with paying their high backorder fee if they get it.
  5. davidc1

    davidc1 Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    sav and epik are useless, the market is shared between dropcatch and snapnames only for .net
    Order at dropcatch regular ($59) and snapnames ($79)
  6. alcy

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    ty for info guys!

    what about expired auctions? can this be a way for me to get it?
    if so where does this come into picture vs backorder?
    anyone knows where/if directnic sends their expired names for expired auction?
    like sends theirs to gd auctions.. and just various registrars having vrious venues for expired names.. though some have none too.

    also, for backorders, do we place backorder anytime we want? or after domain expires? i mean the previous owner still has time to renew the domain after it expires... though i think its particularly short at directnic.. like 15 days past expiry. something like that. i only used them a long time ago for couple of domains of mine.

    p.s. if this changes anything to what im asking here then this is a very low quality net domain.. that very few would think to register, let alone send or fight for in a backorder.

    thanks :)
  7. karmaco

    karmaco Top Contributor VIP

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    If you see it on the dropping lists as in dropping in the next 1 to 5 days you can backorder. This is usually 5 or 6 weeks after the expiration date. You can make a backorder at anytime but best to see it’s actually dropping. Any auctions happen before the drop phase. Many do not go to auction depending on registrar.

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