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    Hello, i have a question about domain auction, could find an answer, mybe i'm missing something.

    Lets say i list a domain for sale an auction, now, the auction is finished, but the price (bids) not what i expected to be...

    Can i cancel the auction or reopen it?

    Or there is rules that i need to put on post that i want the price be xx?
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    Thats called Reserved price.
    I am not sure on which platform you are asking about but on NamePros you can mention in the auction post if you want. And yes you have to mention the reserve price in the OP or before any bidding starts.
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  3. Hello,

    Reserves are NOT allowed on namePros. Here's the official rule:
    Additionally, you must honor your auction and sell to the highest bidder. Here's the official rule on that:
    You can find all the official auction rules here:

    I hope that helps,

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