Always ask who will want/benefit from this domain name!

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    While there are already lots of good advice threads on NPs (such as) I want to emphasize the one most important things I believe many of us overlook at our peril. Always before you acquire a domain name ask yourself both who would want this domain name and how they would benefit from having it.

    I recently wrote about this topic on NameTalent. Here are a few quotes from that post.

    A smart domain investment is one that you can sell for a profit after all costs are considered. A domain name will not sell unless it is deemed valuable by at least one purchaser. The odds of getting a good price are enhanced if there are multiple potential purchasers with a strong desire to obtain this domain name.

    When a domain name acquisition opportunity presents itself, the first thing you should do is to make a list of who might want the name. (this could include both categories like interior designers and specific possible end users)
    While the idea of asking who would want this is common advice, here and elsewhere, in my post I took it a step further. In marketing a key idea is that of the value proposition. That is essentially a short (most experts suggest one or two sentences) where you lay out why this domain name would benefit a class of end user.

    A value proposition may provide a solution to a client problem or it can help them do something not currently possible. For example a new domain might offer a name that is easier for clients to remember, gives a more positive connotation, or would be useful in a social media marketing campaign. Remember that the value proposition is written from the viewpoint of the potential customer.

    I hope that you will give the full post a read. The specific link to the post is below:

    Best wishes for your domain investing!

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    An end user buyer should know what a domain name could be potentially worth to them.

    An end user buyer should consider what a domain name could be potentially worth to it's competition.


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