information Afternic Just Posts Data on Year 2022 Sales by TLD

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This morning the Afternic Twitter account posted a summary of year 2022 sales by TLD. They first posted a graphic showing the huge dominance of .com. The graph is really hard to read, but the huge blue square is .com.


But in the second Tweet they gave an ordered list by TLD. I have captured it below:


My observations from the data:
  • com even more dominant than might have predicted
  • not surprised that org leads net, but the first graph shows difference not much
  • somewhat surprised that co leads both xyz and io and others
  • ca did well as country code
  • shop surprisingly strong, just ahead of app
  • cc ahead of tv and de, but ordered list the differences may be slight
Really appreciate Afternic sharing the data. Thanks @James Iles for any role in release, or pass on thanks to others, please.


PS Note that this data is by total dollar volume, not the number of domains sold. Therefore the huge .com sales play big role in the graph.
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They agree on org being next, but the NameBio results then show xyz before net (if volume) and show io ahead of co (no matter dollar volume or number of sales), in contrast to the Afternic results.

What does this mean? Probably just that different marketplaces have different strengths in terms of the type of names that sell there. If only Afternic sales were reported to NameBio, we would have a much more complete picture of what is happening in the market.
The .xyz bias in NameBio might have been caused by Swetha's regular reporting of sales, while those selling .net etc are not reporting that consistently.