After 3 days hard-work of making a site to help domainers, I finally have something to show

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  1. FlipperC

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    Really nice design!

    I don't understand the purpose of the site. Is it to replace all the other domain name marketplaces, and if so what will be the commission?

    If there's no commission, then how will you make money to support the additional server requirements that grow over time, customer service, etc.?

    How will the transactions be processed? Will you be including escrow within the process such that takes the payment, and then the seller transfers the domain name to the buyer, before being paid?

    One small nit on the readme page, for the graphic in the "No Extension Limit" section you committed the original sin (including .com on the end!). 🤣

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  2. .X.

    .X. Always Buying Names VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I dig it, nice job, far better than my portfolio sites i am building, I can't design a stick man though, LOL. I like it!!
  3. cixxy

    cixxy Established Member

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    Thanks everyone for appreciating! 🍺

    I changed removed the author slug so from to

    It's great but there's one problem... if there's a page already called Readme and you register as an user called readme, your portfolio page will go to that readme page instead. Anyone technical to know about this? It's wordpress php.

    Done, thanks for the suggestion. :)

    Done thanks for noticing. I kinda prefer it being Readme though. All those readme.txt 's you know.

    Thanks and great questions mate.

    If the server / maintenance costs grow too much I can try to put some minimal ads in a clever way or ask a premium to add names in the featured domains which will be a small strip at the top of the homepage. Probably will take a long time for it to gain that much traffic though.

    Currently it just uses a message system to buy it now, so you can organise the buying/selling it in your end, or redirect them to your Undeveloped, sedo parking etc.

    The purpose of the site is highlighted in the Readme, hopefully it's enough of a reason. Also to gain more exposure for your domains, share them and vote likes / comment on the logo / domain names like a portfolio website: Behance (should add this point).

    You have great eyes to notice that sin haha 👀 It was a mockup generated by LogoJoy so I wasn't responsible for the typo :p Just fixed it via photoshop.
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  4. briguy

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    Can you "reserve" that name (second account).

    Love the improvements!
  5. cixxy

    cixxy Established Member

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    Yeah I got around it by a similar solution, installed a plugin to restrict usernames and reserve the ones that are meant for pages ^_^

    Thanks for testing the site and posting your logos.

    I'll be trying more things to improve the site overall then I can promote it better via SEO or other things like offering free logo design services (via logojoy) for those that join and use the site.

    Top priority right now is to make a better filter system and fix the messaging buy it now links.
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  6. MasterOfMyDomains

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    Your site is looking great! Very impressive.Really like logo's. You do them yourself?
    Favicon is cool too
  7. cixxy

    cixxy Established Member

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    Cheers for the kind words 🍺

    I did Sexy/cat , Jokes/wtf , Block/mx , Exchange/bz and Agencies/top

    Will be offering a free service for quick logo designs using logojoy when I have a bit of time to kill.
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  8. PoorKing

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    4 is available. I am not a domainer though. Just saying.
  9. Furquah

    Furquah The Captain VIP

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    Thats Amazing work, You did all things right, My suggestion is to add alone page for every name, It will give you ability to redirect all the name to their own landing page.

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