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    I've had my eye on a specific domain I'd like to purchase for few few years, but I have no experience doing this myself, and worry I'm going to get screwed by a broker, because I don't know the first thing about how to select one.

    • Estibot thinks the domain is worth $10K
    • Two-word, seven-letter domain
    • Domain is not in use and never has been - it is apparently being held by a small private marketing/advertising/PR consulting firm for future use. This same firm has owned the domain for many years, without ever using it (I've been checking). It simply forwards to their company domain. The domain is not listed for sale anywhere that I've checked (sedo, etc.)
    • I'd be willing to pay up to $20K, or even a bit more if it's really worth more, but I don't know how best to make an offer etc.
    Should I just contact the owner directly? Any advice? Should I use a broker - is that more or less likely to get it done properly? My friend contacted them many years ago and offered a small sum of money (couple thousand bucks) which did not seem to attract interest.

    Thanks in advance!
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    My advice is ( remember this is free advice from someone the buys and sells domain names for a living for over 20 years !

    Forget Estibot ( ist completely garbage ... Gas nothing to do with value ... it's a crappy piece of software that can not even detect a dictionary word if there is an extra letter in front ) trust me on this I checked over the past 5 years literally 100's of domains ...and very few times it is correct ... most of the time it's not ... remember every single domain is unique .. why on earth would you trust in a piece of software to tell you what a domain is worth ... I had I guy contacting me wanting to buy a domain ( pretty nice domain - 2 words and ends in cam ) short and catchy .. really nice .. he said the domain name according to the appraisal software he used is worth a couple of hundred dollars ... and he feels generous and offer $ 500 ... what a looser i thought and just don't answer his insulting and stupid emails anymore ... does he really think I am that stupid Register a domain and renew it for 15 years to sell id for a fraction of what I sell and have sold any other domain in the past 20 years ... I think not ...

    Just sit back and think about what this domain is worth and that is what you offer .. start a little lower than your maximum so that you can raise your offer ... just don't ever tell the seller that this domain is on a short list or its for a pet project or you are a poor student .. that is crap ... as less of a game you play as better off you are .. it's that simple !

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