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Hello namePros family.

Domains for sale :

1. villageful.com

2. onlymicro.com

3. nearest360.com

4. onlyreader.com

5. onlybuffet.com

6. practical360.com

7. actorcapital.com

8. withcred.com

9. coinmarketmove.com

10. cointributing.com

11. onlyhodl.com

Total worth of 11 domains combined (GoValue) - 15,202 USD

Feel free to direct message me anytime with your offers for the above listed domains so we can discuss further and make a deal.

Minimum Offer per domain - 500 USD

If anyone is interested in buying all the 11 domains in bulk then we can work out a steal deal!

All Domains Registered on GoDaddy

Transfer : Push or AuthCode

Transaction : PayPal or Escrow (Both have seller and buyer protection) or Afternic

Direct message me anytime for any queries and price discussions.

Thanks and Regards
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