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    Hi NP

    I was doing some research on an upcoming trend and I found a seemingly perfect name to jump right into the industry. The name is available at a BIN price at Godaddy, but at the same time it is an active website.

    Whois shows, the name is indeed registered at Godaddy, the owner of the domain is the operator and owner of the website as well.

    Dofo shows that they have set the BIN recently, yet their website looks as something thats operating on a daily basis.

    Wonder if I hit BIN, will I be able to rightfully take possesion of the domain name or Godaddy will send me an apology message that it was a mistake from the owner or something similar? Since it's not a particularly cheap domain name, I'm a bit hesitant. In fact it would be my all time largest domain investment.

    @Joe Styler

    Have you guys dealt with similar acquisitions before?
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    Both are within the realm of possibilities. And I've experienced both. I've also emailed the domain/website owner to verify availability and/or inform them of the listing if it's glaringly obvious.

    "Active website" is pretty vague but could be a sign of an errant listing. I would suggest contacting the owner.

    Or, if you don't mind your money being tied up for several days, just hit Buy Now.
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