A new .com - Could it be this easy?

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Which is a viable choice for a new .com

  1. .dom (.domain)

  2. .dn (.domain name)

  3. .other (specify below)

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  1. MurphCo

    MurphCo Established Member

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    BRANDERX.COM Top Contributor VIP

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    .coms is the answer.

    When the singular is taken, go for the plural.. Oops, still stuck with .com :wtf::-P
  3. ~ The 34 Year Buzz!!

    ~ The 34 Year Buzz!! Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    .420 (??)
    The Canadian Gold Rush is going Global. :)

  4. MapleDots

    MapleDots Top Contributor VIP

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    I won't answer anymore comments asking why I hate .com and such because that is absurd, my biggest sale ever was a .com and there is room for everyone and all extensions in this industry.

    Topics on namepros are made to stimulate conversation, anyone that brings hate into topics of conversations has to deal with their own issues first. So to the members following me around with dislikes and questions of hate my only response is please deal with your own issues and don't try to push them on to me.

    Conversations are just ideas, if you don't like ideas then don't participate. There are lots of topics to pick from and if you need me to continue to articulate my opening posts then I suggest you have someone translate it for you before you read things into an opening post that are clearly not there.

    To everyone else participating, thank you so much for your input (y)
  5. wwwweb

    wwwweb Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I know that, but if a .DN extension was to be released maybe they would file to block it. Different Countries use so different variations of codes thru different bodies of organizations.
  6. maksimfa

    maksimfa Top Contributor VIP Trusted Contest Holder

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    Ok, now that I ate can answer in a bit more detail.

    .com had the first mover advantage and quite frankly is now the standard, and will be the standard, much like to go google something, xerox something, etc.

    Everything is built around .com and we have accepted norms for anything outside of that... .org, .edu, .gov, with exceptions for a few .net, etc.

    All of these new tlds may give someone the ability to upgrade to a better, shorter name... but it is still not the prime time.

    I.e. would you rather be.... or, etc.
    None of them are

    Look at your own internet behavior... ever just go into the search browser and just type in "namepros" followed by hitting control + enter? It will automatically add www before and .com after.

    Is it going to happen for other tlds? not likely.

    Furthermore, many submit forms on sites will reject emails ending in anything but .com/org/net/ etc.... I face this daily with my very awesome .media tld.

    Would I rather have ? sure... but I cannot so the next best is

    So the moral of the story... anything but .com will always be second fiddle to .com
  7. DomainRecap

    DomainRecap Top Contributor VIP

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    Nothing will ever equal .COM as that boat has sailed.

    But in terms of next-best option, I really think .WEB (if Versign ever releases it) has the best shot of taking over from the .CO/.ORG/.NET triumvirate for good.
  8. DomainRecap

    DomainRecap Top Contributor VIP

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    In that scenario, if is not developed but for sale at too high a price, then go for, sell a shitload of crabs and then buy the .COM.

    If is already in use, and they also sell crabs, then you might want to rebrand or pick an extension like .CO and live with it.

    DOMAIN ILLUMINATI Owner of ▲ the most expensive domain of all time. VIP Gold Account

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    A "new .com" is born alreadyyy
    It's name is .top
    Soon it will have more registrations than .com

    @MapleDots 🍁
    ✋ If you consider to reoport this post, I invite you to remember that it simply reflects 100 % myyy viewww
  10. BaileyUK

    BaileyUK Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    These type of threads went on and on 20 years ago, when it was all about the net/org/ccld as a viable alternative. The reality was then, and still is there isn't a global alternative to .com... dot co is used by plenty of phishing sites and the pubic are a little bit weary, particularly if its pointed out it is the ccld for Columbia.

    I understand why people use it but, as more and more of the worlds population become far more internet Savvy they are becoming aware of all the dot-io (Indian Ocean) and the rest. Dot TV got away with it, but that has never lived up to all the expectations of the early years

    I didn't vote because I am also "TheDom dot com" ;) and it never ceases to amaze me how members are narrowly minded by their own holdings. Me I don't buy domains anymore, my oldest mistake was investing quite heavily in .net in the early days but I also went very heavily into 'short and succinct' brandables in .com when others told my they were a wasted investment
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  11. urlurl

    urlurl Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    lets confuse the world even more, lets make .comm (since .com stands for communication anyways) reality.

  12. DomainRecap

    DomainRecap Top Contributor VIP

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    Actually, isn't it for Commercial?
  13. urlurl

    urlurl Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    probably, a lot of people also think it represents company
  14. DomainRecap

    DomainRecap Top Contributor VIP

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  15. urlurl

    urlurl Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    yup, right
  16. Zilla

    Zilla KEEP or DROP VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I have to say, there is no real alternative for .com, as it is cheap renewal and popular for many one can beat it...and simplly answer ur question, .dom .dn .all not really good choice, if I have to choose one, I like .dn better, I think if u want establish a new extention with huge budgeting, I will suggest .lab or .labs if this is not yet avai.

    btw, if I use another word to decribe the topic, if u want open a new company, u find there is so many extention to choose but the .com plus ur own cctld already gone,, then, what is extention u may really want to check, and feel ok, even it is not a .com, but still fine to use...

    I list the "better extention" in my mind which may have broad usage possibility..

    .co--------------------for any startup cannot find good .com
    .io----------------------for tech related new company is good, more broad usage then .ai
    .ai----------------------for AI related
    .cloud----------------for Cloud computing, or for a software-as-a-service product(but I hate it is not run by AWS or Google)
    .cat-------------------for presonal, local, qute, small business, child education, cat, ...anything small and sweat sense...I feel is quite useful for personal or small business..for example, if u want brand a new cloth store or design studio with 1 or 10 employee, why not call it to logo it as well...(ok...i know it is for Catalunya..)
    .group---------------for new company but want feel big and strong and quite formal
    .solutions-----------for any type of solutions if the *** already gone.
    .studio---------------for any type of studio
    .site------------------for any type of sites...
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  17. lock

    lock VIP

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    It has been done at 99c or very cheap look at xyz. The next 99c or very cheap extension will do the same. Getting the owners to renew them well that is the tricky part.

    The poll doesn't cater for relevant extensions to keyword or industry so dot net is the answer.
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  18. cipcip

    cipcip Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Well, from my point of view .com is still not widely used in the world. In certain countries, their respective ccTLD still is in power, especially in Europe. (.de, .es, and so on).

    I do not think that .dom would be a possible switch, because .com stands for commercial, so .dom = Domain would not be relevant. To be honest, I would think of .co as well, but that will be .co = Company and not commercial. Another way to go, would be .cm = Cameroon, but is still closer to Commercial as in wording.

    I would personally choose .xyz to be the next .com. We all know that major companies already have websites on this tld, see Google, and the more the giants will invest in it, the more it will become famous.
  19. NameDeck

    NameDeck Top Contributor VIP

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    I don't think there is a better option than what we already have. They thought it through in the early days of the internet.

    .web may work but it's just like any other ngtld. Hard to get a proper market share. Plus, .web kinda implies it's a website. Let's not forget a very big chunk of domains aren't even used to serve a website.

    I get why .com rules the world but imo it should have been .net. it's the most versatile global extension.

    .dn would be great as its unpretentious and just represents what it is. Just like .net it could be used for anything without the implication of what it is actually used for(commercial, organization, mail, website, personal use,etc). It won't happen as 2 chars are reserved for cctlds but who knows.

    Anyway, my vote goes to .net. Thinking of this brings back memories of the old days when you would specifically get a .net or .org simply because you didn't want to get associated with the corporate world. I now regret getting the .net or .org instead of the .com as it was the 'cool thing' to do and .com was there for the grabs. Still, in means of versatility it's the weakest gtld, money wise, as a businessman, it's still the holy grail.

    Great thread I'd like to add. Just like the ccTLD discussion it's good to see some thoughts about the future of domains/domaining in general that go beyond just the value of a domain as an asset.
  20. Asset Profit

    Asset Profit Established Member

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    No doubt non .Coms are being sold for some serious Bank. But it only makes me stick with .Coms more if there is scarcity especially in competitive niches that means Value Increases.
  21. otismo

    otismo Established Member

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    .gdn already available means "generic domain name" now has 69 cent promo

    I use it as a hack for "garden" as in

    shudi buy 69 cents

    paranoid about being buried by reg fees as do not have unlimited capital

    my net worth wud have to be over one billion before I would even ENTERTAIN the IDEA

    of offering $1mil for anything that is basically notLiquid/notFungible

    any millions coming my way wud go into dividend paying stx and there ain't many good ones to choose from

    but I digress.....

    .exe gets my vote

    esp if it had a 25 cent

    FOREVER reg fee promo
  22. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    No I never do that. What I do is enter Namepros or Wikipedia etc in url and it automatically directs to the most relevant result for that word, e.g. For some words that is your localized country. For Namepros it is this site because it has great use and content, and it just happens to be a .com
  23. Ategy

    Ategy VIP Gold Account

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    First and foremost .. .com is #1 by far and I really don't see anything ever replacing it. I think it more likely something replaces the Internet before .com gets replaced .. most people don't even have a clue what .com even stands for ... Plus .. truth be told .. it doesn't even matter .. that's how strong .com is .. is that in fact it has become it's own definition. At this point .com stands for ".com" .. which stands for trust when compared to most other altTLDs.

    That being said .. if you're looking for an alternative ...

    I hate to say I really really don't like .dom .. too confusable with .com. Also has adult tones. Plus most common non-domainers don't even care what a "domain" is .. for general usage .add for address would actually be more relevant.

    Then technically speaking .url would be better than .dom.

    As for alternative TLDs .. ".co" most certainly effectively is NOT a ccTLD. Google treats it as a non local TLD, and much much more importantly, the average non-domainer has no clue that 2 letter TLD's are generally technically reserved for country usage.

    In fact .. I'm willing to bet that if you polled 1000 non-domainers, vastly over 95% of them would say that .TV stands for television as opposed to Tovulu (the fact as a domainer I'm not even sure how to say or spell the actually country further proves my point .. lol).

    While .co most certainly isn't as obvious, I'm willing to bet the vast majority of people would answer that they have no clue what ".co" stands for as opposed to saying it stands for Columbia. In fact .. I'm almost thinking more non-domainers could indeed actually say "company" over "Columbia"/

    I sold my 4th 4-figure .co last week ... proportionately speaking in terms of number of domains in my portfolio compared to my domain sales, I actually sell more .co than .com! None of my .co sales were to Columbia .. lol.

    .xyz is just too childish to ever be taken seriously. Granted there are a handful of companies using it .. but I'm willing to bet there are more companies that stick with their .co than companies that stick with their .xyz (obviously both would want the .com)

    Much of what will happen with .web will depend on who ends up getting it (still doesn't seem to be 100% Verisign) and more importantly what it will be priced at. If Verisign ends up with it (likely), then do not expect it to be priced well. I'm guessing about $20 .. the perfect price point to cash in on domainers, but not enough to compete with their own .com. Remember that it is in their best interest for .web to NOT be a success as they don't want to dilute the authority of .com.

    But I do like .web as a generic alternative to .com ... although I don't think it will do as well as people think. It most certainly could easily do well enough to pass .xyz, .co and all other potential purely generic extentions ... probably by a wide margin.
  24. Michael Ehrhardt

    Michael Ehrhardt Top Contributor VIP

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  25. domainer111

    domainer111 Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    No alt is needed. Any alt extension just makes dot-com stronger. We've been over this just a few times, with a multi-million dollar experiment from Donuts, ICANN et al :D

    Try dot alt :D
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