A new .com - Could it be this easy?

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Which is a viable choice for a new .com

  1. .dom (.domain)

  2. .dn (.domain name)

  3. .other (specify below)

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  1. Zilla

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    Use gdn as garden is an innovative hack...thanks for this idea...even I am not sure how many others agree least feel it is make kind of sense imo....

    then, I checked (via dynadot) somthing may related with garden , like fish, birds, cat, dog, flower, butterfly, those all been marked as reserved names,....while I search more, I found lots of words been reserved or sell at higher reg/renew price(I didnot do any dictionary check, just check some easy simple word jump into my mind, like,,,, be u want check or I am not sure if those still there)

    Finally, I reged this one....sorry for out of topic...may be it should move to "reg of today" thread but I just want echo to otismo's idea..and I also like the csszengarden book very much,

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  2. ncinsure90

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    This discussion is very helpful.
  3. Recons.Com

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    .com has become default extension globally or even on nation level in many countries or at least is accepted as a good alternative to strong cctlds. Meaning, you'd be ok to start a travel business at in Germany if you'd own it.

    But, this extension is objectively a beauty that is hard to beat.

    1. It sounds great. Just say a word and add "dot com". Now compare to "xyz" or "gdn" or even "org" which very often in ads is actually spelled out "visit us at our nonprofit dot Ou-aR-Gee".

    2. It has very robust meaning from commercial (the original meaning) to company (co) to communications. And those words sound the same in most languages. Now, web has fine meaning, but quite a few languages don't even use "w" and also .web will compete with .net, not .com

    3. It is really visually pleasing. c+o+m just flow very nicely. Again compare to "thorny" xyz, for example.

    And, back to being default:

    If I introduce my company by "Company Name" and I own "Company Name dot com", then I don't even have to tell people what my website is. It is assumed by clients, me, partners etc. Now, even if I don't own it, I go for "Company Name USA dot com", I tell it to my clients and they just remember "oh, ok, I'll just add USA in the end" and in few days they still can recall the URL. But if I went for "Company Name dot gdn/xyz/global/photos/club etc", a client will have hard time recalling which of those obscure extensions my site is at.

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