A Cheap Domain Provider, Why Not?

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I have a plan to establish a cheap domain provider for the Southeast Asia region. This region has a population of nearly 690 million people, and there is a high demand for domain registrations.

People in Southeast Asia have a habit of comparing prices. If you offer domains that are just $1 cheaper than elsewhere, they will be willing to use your service, regardless of whether you are a new or established provider. Price is the most important factor for their purchasing decisions.

My plan is to offer domains at a price that is 50% cheaper than the market average. For example, if the current average price for a .com domain is $14, I will sell it for $7. This promotional offer will only be available in the Southeast Asia region, for new accounts, and with a specific payment method. I will use funding from investors to support this pricing strategy.

According to my calculations, we will spend $10 to acquire a new customer! To have 100,000 customers, we would only need $1 million, but once we have this customer base, we can easily sell the company for millions of dollars.

  • How to start a domain provider?
  • What software to use for management?
  • How to prevent fraud?
  • How to advertise to new customers?
  • How to sell the company?
  • How much investment will you make, and what will you gain?
I have developed a marketing strategy for this project. Join the Telegram group, and we can discuss more easily.

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