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Hi I have been in the industry for 15 years and I have accumulated 2200 domain names. Most are .coms and I have mainly focused on 2 word .coms like PaymentPros.com, IVTherapy.com, EasyStream.com, etc. Most of my domains are .com. I am considering selling my portfolio this year.....maybe. I love domains. Last year was by far my best year ever in domains. I have a lease for $150k and sold another $75k-100k. I am looking for a serious investor who wants to add to their portfolio or someone new who has the money to invest in a portfolio that has been put together over the years. If anyone knows anyone looking to buy a portfolio or get into the domain business please reach out or give them my information. I am an artist and just got signed by the largest art gallery in the world and I am finding less and less time to spend on my portfolio.

Most of the domains are registered at Godaddy.com. The only domains in the portfolio that are a large renewal annually would be y.guru which is a single letter domain and has a renewal of $249. 99% of this portfolio is .com and renewals are $9.00 each. I also have about 135 domains at Namebright. The renewal there is a little less than $9.00.

Below is a link to my domain list at Dan.com.

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