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Dabka and Footballin are known words that are used nowadays, they're not super common but they're not rare either. The other 8 are decent. Payment:,, Paypal F&F.

Dabka - has 7 meanings (India, Middle East, Africa, US, the world), taken in 6 extensions - Name Silo
Footballin - taken in 8 extensions - Name Silo, expires 9/10/22

BuyNowPrayLater - Epik
ProsperTomorrow - Huge Domains is selling ProsperToday for $15495 - Epik

SuperduperCrypto - Epik
NFTtowne - Epik
Rentchy - Epik
VanMojo - Name Silo

Xbows .Xyz - Xbows has a remarkable 9 different meanings - Epik
Womyn .Gay - Porkbun

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