12 new sales landing page options NOW available for your parked pages!

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    We listened to you, loyal followers and customers...and we appreciate the feedback you gave:

    Since launching our new sales landing page several weeks ago, we have taken in consideration the feedback received from you and all of our customers alike and are happy to announce 12 new sales landing pages are now available for parked domains.

    As announced several short weeks ago, we introduced the first version of a sales landing page for parked domains. The template highlighted your domains for sale even better than the classic parking pages. Many Sedo customers have already switched their parked domains to the new layout, and the first of many successful sales have ensued.

    The feedback on the new sales page was overwhelming!

    We would like to extend our appreciation and thank everyone for their constructive input. This has allowed us to now provide a product with your wishes in mind. As a result, today we have 12 new templates to choose from for your sales landing pages.

    As a reminder, the following changes and innovations implemented during our initial release:

    · Sedo customer support contact available

    · BBB icon as a symbol of trust icon for US buyers

    · More choices for the background instead of neutral gray

    · Options to show or hide different facts about the domain

    · Font size of the domain is larger than the " for sale" note

    · Minimized footer

    Now the NEW landing pages consist of 3 basic templates, which you can customize with information in 4 different ways:

    · Offer Box Only

    · Incl. Domain Facts

    · Incl. About the seller.

    · Full version

    The new layouts are now available within Sedo customer accounts. We’ll attach screen shots of an example domain featured with these different options for your reference, but we encourage you to test the new options on your own parked pages.

    Best and happy selling,

    Your Sedo Team

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