1 Million Domain Names Generated Since Launch

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Hi everyone, I am sorry for a little bit of a humble brag, but I am so excited I really want to share with someone who might relate and share in the joy. Since launching Smartynames.com just about 1.5 month ago, we have just crossed 1M domains generated.

This might be just another day for a lot of people here, but being new to the business and still learning the ropes, I am overjoyed. There's been some hiccups along the way, and quite a bit of tech work to be done, but I've been learning a lot and meeting very interesting and helpful people.

Hopefully I can continue adding value in this space, and keep making interesting AI-powered tools for domainers and just the people interested in getting good names. Thanks for listening!


p.s. Here's a press release about the event: https://smartynames.com/blog/press-release/ZjQ1YjBkMTgt
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