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  • Been reading a few articles on a possible revival of the .ws extension. It's still hard to tell if .ws will take off but I decided to buy a few.
    I'm trying to have a fairly optimistic view on .ws but apparently all the veteran domainers steer clear of it.
    Do you think I should place a long term hold on any of these?


    thanks for your time!
    .WS Registry - WebSite.ws
    .WS Registry - WebSite.ws
    Hi Nsmith91,

    We’ve been dealing with many veteran domainers making big investments and buying up large chunks of domains over the last couple months. I can’t guarantee how things will play out, but I can tell you we’re as excited about our outlook more now than we ever have been in the 16 years since we launched the .WS Registry.
    .WS Registry - WebSite.ws
    .WS Registry - WebSite.ws
    I’m happy to see you’re a .WS owner. Thanks very much! I can’t fairly say if you should lock them up long term. The thing is, you can always renew them later once you see how things play out. Don’t get me wrong… I’d love to have you be a .WS owner for many, many years! But there’s also no harm in not renewing them right now. I think you should go with what you’re most comfortable with. :)


    .WS Domains
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