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  • Hi,
    I signed for freshdrop and was taken to the 7-day trial period with PP subscription, I never got to access it and my PP was charged on 6/26 and i still don't have access. Every time i do a search its prompting me to sign-up for subscription. I contacted help 3-4 times with no answer. Please help. Thanks. JT
    Dear Pheenix.com,

    I have problem to transfer out the domains on my account Pheenix.com. I don't get the authorization code which usually send to my e-mail after i request transfer out. I had sent e-mail support twice yesterday and today but still don't get respond. Could you help me about this issue?



    Putu Hamsa

    I read some of your posts answering for pheenix.com , I've been sending support emails for the last 4 days regarding unlocking my domains and getting the authorization codes but never heard back from them.

    I would appreciate it if you can help here.

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