Quick replies and post quality

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On NamePros we have a custom system designed to help users express their opinion on content and easily identify which content is appreciated by our community. This system is currently present on forum and profile posts, and encompasses points and quick replies.

What are points?

Points are a numeric indicator of the quality of a post, similar to "upvote"/"downvote" systems you might be familiar with. Unlike other such systems, NamePros allows you to add/remove multiple points on a single piece of content, the quantity of which grows with your impact on the site. Points on content can be managed from the indicator in the bottom left corner of posts.

What are quick replies?

Quick replies are, exactly as the name suggests, a quick reply. These are simple words/phrases that convey a common message, and often carry along a point assignment that fits the message, as long as the content is in Automatic mode.
Speaking of, a single piece of content can be in either one of two states:

Automatic mode is the default point assignment mode of content. When in this mode the number of points assigned to content is determined automatically based on your quick replies. Points assigned in this mode can change over time and we will do our best to estimate your appreciation of content as your impact on the site grows.

Manual mode is the point assignment mode switched to when you start manually adding or removing points to content. When in this mode new quick replies no longer assign any points. When manually voting you are telling us exactly how much you value a piece of content, so this number will not change over time.

You can tell which mode a piece of content is in by looking at the indicator icon beside the quick reply pop-up. By clicking this indicator, you can change which mode the content is currently in. Each user can choose which mode they want to be in for a piece of content.
If you change from Manual mode to Automatic mode, any manual point allocations will be lost.