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Web3 is a hot term these days, with many startups in the sphere, and existing companies reimagining themselves as Web3.

In this article, I take a look at the names of 156 top Web3 companies. I also study what extensions are popular, and the sectors that predominate within the Web3 world.

Compiling A Web3 Company List

I wanted a list of Web3 companies not subject to personal biases. I used the following four lists of top Web3 companies in compiling an overall list.
There was less overlap than you might think between the lists, indicating that how we define top, and what is Web3, are both somewhat fuzzy currently. I ended up with a cumulative list of 156 Web3 companies and organizations.

What Do Web3 Businesses Do?

Earlier in the NamePros Blog, I covered What is Web3? The principles of Web3 include decentralization, individual ownership, integration with a cryptocurrency wallet, permissionless, and borderless.

I visited each of the 156 websites and assigned a single word to best describe the major function of that company, such as NFT or crypto. Clearly there is overlap between say fintech and crypto and blockchain.

I used WordCloud Generator from MonkeyLearn to produce a word cloud from the results.


The most frequent sector was crypto, appearing 39 times, followed by developer at 21, and then blockchain and NFT, at 12 each.

The Names Web3 Companies Choose

There is a lot of variety in the names selected by Web3 companies and organizations. Some use common English words, while others more specialized terms. Alphanumerics, hyphenated names, two and three-word names, merged terms, and made-up brandables are all represented.

You can see the full list in the following table. Among terms that appear in multiple names, are bit, pay, block, chain, and labs.

AutographChainalysisFinoa MetaplexPerfectQuoteSwissBorg
BITFINEXCoinListglipNansenProject GalaxyTheDappList

Astronomical names appear a number of times, such as Galaxy, MoonPay, Stellar and Gemini.

What Extensions Are Popular with Web3?

I analyzed the extension used by each, with results below. COM was used by 61.9% of the Web3 companies, with .io used by 14.2% and .org by 8.4%.

I was surprised that only 2 of these companies used an .xyz for their main website. There are many Web3 companies using .xyz, from previous analyses. I think the reason they are not well represented in this list is that these are relatively large and established companies, often formed some years ago, with a more recent refocus on Web3.

There were 5 Web3 companies in the analysis that used a .co.

I was also surprised that 2 of the companies use only a site, rather than their own domain name.

Only one of the companies used a .net.

There were 3 companies on the list using the .ai extension, and 3 more used .network.

Among other extensions used by at least one company on the list are .ag, .app, .cloud, .eco, .gg, .me, .money, .tech and .world.

While the majority of the companies do own their exact match name in some extension, that is not true in all cases.

.ETH Website

I could not readily see how many of these companies control their own decentralized .eth domain name. Essentially all of the company names are registered in .eth, I imagine in most, but not all, cases by that company.

I implemented the bridge with a Brave browser to see how many had an operational website on the .eth. However, it seemed almost none do. I stopped checking after finding none in the first 25 that I checked.

Final Thoughts

We are still in the early stages of Web3. Many existing companies will probably not survive, but a larger number of startups will replace them.

The analysis provides some indication of the hot sectors now, but that will probably diversify in the coming years. Anything that is well suited to decentralization will find traction. There were a number of interesting collaborative enterprises in the list, from employment and consulting to crowd-based design to a weather network that rewards individual home weather stations.

Have you sold a domain name to a Web3 company? Feel free to share your thoughts on what makes a good domain investment for potential use by a Web3 company or organization.
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As always great post. Very few xyz like i owned only two xyz domains.
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Sterling research Bob, as always, thanks
ThirdWeb raises 24M dollars from 7 Ventures including shopify.
in Aug 24 2020.
The web3。company ‘s domain is
@Bohdan has just shared on social media a massive analysis of about 2800 NFT projects and the domains they used.

He found that:
  • 1463 used com
  • 588 used io
  • 127 used co
  • 71 used xyz
  • 48 used art
  • many other extensions had lesser numbers
That study was just NFT (compared to only 12 NFT in the study in the blog article), but is a much larger data sample and seems to generally support that com and io are the most popular.

Thanks, Bob. Here is the chart:
I don't know where everyone got the idea that most of there projects use xyz... Just because there have been a few good sales. There have been a few good sales, there no denying that, but it looks like. io is their chosen extension after .com.

I found the same from my quick analysis of a large investor's portfolio from the web/crypto space...
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Recently registered Worldwideweb.web3 🙄