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Top Topics: What Should I Do With This $5,000 Offer?; My 11 Tips for Beginner Domainers...

By James Iles, Feb 21, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, domain investors share the three domains they'd most like to own and is it possible to sell domains without a phone call? Also, a domainer asks for advice on a $5,000 offer, and we discuss the $3.15 million sale of

    Which 3 Domains Would You Like to Own?

    No matter how good your portfolio might be, there are always domain names you wish you owned. That might be for personal reasons, professional reasons, or simply for bragging rights.

    In this discussion, domain investors are invited to share three domain names they would love to own. As of writing, all responses are .COM domains, with the short names and financial names seemingly most popular.

    Topic by: @Igor Mironyuk

    Is It Possible to Sell a Domain Without a Phone Call?

    Are you at a disadvantage selling domain names if you're too shy to pick up the phone and make some calls? The traditional selling method you have in mind might be a Wolf of Wall Street-esque cold calling trading floor, but does that apply to domain names?

    Here, an investor is asking whether selling a domain without a phone call is possible. As it happens, domainers seem to think that it is not only possible, but typical. What's your experience?

    Topic by: @Blues Brother

    What Should I Do After This Offer?

    This domain investor recently received a $5,000 offer for a .ES domain, the ccTLD for Spain. The name, revealed in the discussion, is a trending term at the moment, so is a $5,000 offer acceptable? The owner wasn't sure, so they threw the decision out to the community.

    What would you do if you received this offer? Would you counter, push it to auction, or accept it? The poll attached to this discussion seems to suggest most investors would counter with a five-figure asking price.

    Topic by: @Ariff BD Sells for $3.15 Million

    Christmas may have been and gone, but this week, Christmas has been a top topic within the domain community thanks to a recently-disclosed sale. According to this discussion, the domain name sold for $3.15 million in a deal that closed in November 2020.

    Brokered by VIP Brokerage, was acquired by Gordon Companies Inc after the buyer exercised the purchase option after a four-year lease-to-own agreement.

    Topic by: @TheBaldOne

    My 11 Tips for Beginner Domainers

    Fortunately, the domain name investment industry is a community that is usually welcoming and willing to give advice. Here, an investor has certainly been forthcoming with guidance after creating a discussion listing eleven tips for beginner domainers based on this investor's own experiences.

    The advice includes remembering the 1% to 2% typical sell-through rate, sticking with .COM domains, and staying away from hand registered domains. Would you agree with this advice? What advice would you give to new domain investors?

    Topic by: @twiki

    Top Topics of the Week is a blog series featuring the most popular discussions and content within the domain community. Tune in weekly to see what’s trending
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