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Top Topics: Domain Resold?; A $12,500 Sale is Reported...

By James Iles, Aug 30, 2019
  1. Animal domain names have been desirable assets for investors thanks to their unique properties and versatility. Domain sales database NameBio is littered with animal .COM sales in the five and six-figure range including for a reported $55,000, which now looks to have been resold based on WHOIS, registrar and nameserver changes.

    Visiting the domain name now shows a homepage for Walrus Health, a company that aims to take charge of drug spending. According to DomainIQ's WHOIS history, the ownership change may have occurred in June 2019.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Sold! A Domain for $12,500 Plus Extras

    It's not very often that we see partnership domain sales being reported, but this week we can do just that with the sale of an adult domain name. According to the discussion, the name was sold by two investors in June 2019.

    The reported sales price is $12,500, but undisclosed "extra properties" have been included in the deal, so it may not be applicable for DNJournal's weekly sales chart, for example.

    Topic by: @Elad n

    Combining an Auction and Outbound Marketing

    Auction strategy and the best outbound marketing tactics have been covered extensively on various domaining blogs over the years, but there may not have been as much information on combining an auction with outbound marketing.

    Is the idea of creating an auction, and pointing potential buyers towards the auction a worthwhile idea for lower value names? Auction events containing high-value domains may already be doing this to create interest.

    Topic by: @manata

    Is This $37,092 Sale Legitimate?

    Recently, NameBio listed the sale of for $37,092, which took place on the Sedo platform. This week, an investor has asked whether it's a legitimate sale, which has produced an interesting debate about the value of two-word .COM domain names, and the related value of "Green" domains.

    The sale has been verified by numerous sources, including MediaOptions' CEO Andrew Rosener, who mentioned the sale on Twitter as his company owned the name.

    Topic by: @Aman Tibrewal

    The Longest Domain Ever Sold?

    Every day, thousands of domain names are sold and the large majority aren't newsworthy at all, especially if that domain sells for four-figures or lower. However, a domain that sold for $1,025 on GoDaddy caught the eye of many investors who may not have believed that this name could sell for a four-figure fee.

    The domain,, looks to be the longest domain name in NameBio's database at 63 characters. Since there is a limit of 63 characters for a domain name, this is likely to be the longest domain ever sold for a four-figure fee!

    Topic by: @Picorio

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    Interesting. Ty.
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  8. kemjika11

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    1,395 for $55K seems cheap or is it just me?

    yes, animal domains are good to own. short supply too.
  9. jstenn13

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    An investor purchased it for $55k and apparently it's been resold to an end-user, most definitely for 6-figures.
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    Interesting read
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    I saw the longest domain ever sold on GoDaddy Auctions and was amazed at how much someone was willing to pay for it. What can that be used for? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    well it is a really good article. i have a lot of info about it now. thank you again.
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