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Top Topics: The Buyer Knows How Much I Paid; What's Your Development Project?...

By James Iles, Aug 10, 2018
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    In this week's Top Topics, we encounter a fairly unique situation in which a domainer has a deal canceled after the buyer finds out the domainer's acquisition price. We also take a look at the various development projects that are currently being undertaken by investors and we ask how outbound marketing can be made more efficient.

    Poll: How Many Domains Do You Sell Per Month?

    In Top Topics, we regularly feature interesting user-generated polls that look to find answers to some compelling domain related questions. This week, a simple question has been asked: How many domains do you sell per month?

    Thanks to the diverse methods of making money in the domain industry, the answers to this question could be varied. Some investors make few sales at higher prices whilst others have a higher sales volume at lower price ranges.

    Topic by: @bonin

    I Received a Positive Reply. What Now?

    After performing outbound sales by sending fifteen emails to targeted companies, this investor received a response within twenty minutes asking for an asking price. After sending the asking price, the domainer has received little feedback.

    What should happen in this situation to maximize the chance of a sale? Should the investor wait to hear from the potential buyer or should they be proactive?

    Topic by: @Coinking


    The Buyer Knows How Much I Paid

    Resources such as NameBio and DNJournal are excellent reference websites for the industry, giving investors the ability to research sales data to help in their own domaining activities. However, public sales data can come back to hurt you if you look to resell the name.

    This domainer has encountered a situation in which a buyer has canceled a deal after finding out that the investor purchased the name for a three-figure fee. The canceled deal looks to have been worth five-figures. Do you say anything to the buyer in this situation?

    Topic by: @rentmynames

    Efficient Outbound Marketing

    Outbound marketing for domain names is an exact science and a skill that needs to be honed with experience and practice. Thanks to resources available on various industry blogs, newer investors can speed up the learning process.

    Here, an investor is asking other domainers to review his method of discovering potential buyers. Can you give any pointers? Do you know of any software to speed up the process?

    Topic by: @Domaineer1

    What's Your Development Project?

    Aside from buying and selling domains, some investors hold domain names in order to develop them. These developed names can bring in regular revenue streams and could even improve the value of the domain.

    This week, Eric Lyon of NamePros and The Scorpion Agency has asked other domain investors to share details of their current development projects.

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

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    Thanks for featuring me again James! Awesome stuff :) Still working on my outbound strategy. Hopefully I hit paydirt soon.

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