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Some buyers or sellers like to play negotiating games; Unethical selling practices; Epik's own scam reviews web site; Flippa has outrageous fees, according to some; Why would you list your domain portfolio at SquadHelp?

How do you deal with buyers/sellers playing games during a negotiation?
Domain negotiations are part of the business but apparently some like to play "games" when it comes down to reversing their offers. Find out what other investors have experienced so far.

Topic by @winst

Unethical selling practice
Not everyone likes how domain investors react to offers and some may respond with a doubling of the asking price without ever getting back to the offer-maker. Is this an unethical practice? Domain investors have different opinions, so join in to share yours.

Topic by @Prosperousness.com

Epik.com owns a scam reviews website. The apple does not fall far from the tree
The domain name TrustRatings.com is operated by Epik as its own web site to rate businesses, including itself. The end result: Epik gets stellar ratings all while neutral review web sites point in the opposite direction.

Topic by @NameInbox

Flippa's outrageous fees to sell domains!?
Flippa is a domain selling marketplace that has its own pricing structure. Apparently it costs $33 dollars per domain listing, before any commission fees. Is this selling model sustainable? Some domainers disagree.

Topic by @lotus03

Why would you not post your portfolio to SquadHelp?
SquadHelp's provides a great platform for domain listings but which type of portfolio holders benefit the most when using it? This thread analyzes the types of domain names that stand to gain the most when listed at SquadHelp.

Topic by @DomainHype

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Nice summary of interesting topics. Look forward to exploring the discussions in the coming week. Thanks.
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