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Namecheap "shady" auctions stir controversy; Is my domain infringing on a trademark? Bodis trims PPC due to upstream provider clawbacks; How do I get domains related to my company's name? Park domains or develop them as SEO-enhanced portals?

Namecheap Garbage Auctions - Something Shady
If you're bidding on Namecheap be aware that auctions extend by 5 minutes when there's a bid during the final 5 minutes of the auction. A domain investor unfamiliar with this process called them "shady" and "garbage." Does this reflect reality, or is it exactly what other domain auctioneers do? Join the discussion and find out.

Topic by @Lauren Stephens

Does the domain I own have a trademark?
Domain investors should perform due diligence when registering or acquiring domain names, to ensure they don't infringe on corporate brands or trademarks. Here's a quick reference guide on how to find out about existing trademarks.

Topic by @MeetDomain

Bodis announces ad providers encountering advertiser defaults Q3 2023
PPC provider, Bodis, announced that its upstream ad provider performed a series of clawbacks, which they are obligated to pass along to its customers. Find out what happened and how often domain investors lose earnings that they gained "on paper."

Topic by @J.R.

Advice on getting control of company related domains
Interesting topic: A company employee of a family-run business is inquiring about how to get hold of domains that contain the company's keywords. Is it easy to just get the .com when you use the .net for the better part of 20 years? Hint: Not easy.

Topic by @itdirector

Keep domain with parking page or put relevant content on the domain to increase SEO value for next owner?
It's the million dollar question: Should you just park a domain name that's slated for sale, or develop SEO-friendly content, in order to increase its value for potential buyers? Find out why domain investor's opinions differ.

Topic by @pacifist

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