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By James Iles, Jun 14, 2020
  1. I wanted to highlight @Kate Buckley's sale of for $100,000 and the story of how she sold the domain. According to DNJournal, Kate initially reached out to the company that ultimately bought the domain, but their CEO wasn't interested.

    Fast forward several months, and there's a new CEO in charge. Kate found this information and spoke to the new CEO, which ended in a successful $100,000 sale. It's a real-world example of the patience, persistence, and perseverance that is so often needed in outbound domain sales.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    My Experience of Selling Domains on a Payment Plan

    Selling domain names on a payment plan has become a common means of creating a sale that may not have been possible otherwise. Potential buyers can mitigate the risks involved with putting significant capital into a domain name by paying for a domain over a period of time. Marketplaces such as actively promote this.

    In this discussion, investor AbdulBasit Makrani shares his own experience of selling domain names using a payment plan, which has resulted in numerous other investors sharing their own experiences of selling domains using a payment plan.

    Topic by:

    What Values Do Brokers Bring?

    Domain name sales brokers can be likened to real estate agents, facilitating domain sales that usually involves finding the right buyer with the right budget. But what value does a broker specifically bring to the table in order to earn their 10%-20% commission which is considered a typical fee?

    This investor is trying to understand the psychology of a domain broker, and what value they bring during a domain sale. Does the expertise lie in their sales skills, their networking connections, or even their overall understanding of the domain market?

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    Equity From a Domain Sale As a Foreign National

    In higher value sales, receiving equity as part of a domain deal can be the perfect way to receive income from a sale whilst maintaining an interest in the domain. Rick Schwartz has done this to good effect, as with which sold for a six-figure fee, but ultimately gained Rick over $1.1 million thanks to a 1.5% equity stake.

    For foreign domain owners dealing with US companies, is equity still viable? In this situation, an investor is considering selling a domain name for money plus equity but is concerned about his stature as a foreign national. Does this have any effect on the seller’s chances of getting an equity sale?

    Topic by: @Arfy

    Which is Better: One Premium Domain or Many Hand Registrations?

    In domain investing, there are almost as many ways to make money as there are active domainers in the community. It seems that every investor has a slightly different strategy that suits their current situation and goals.

    There are some investors who register hundreds of domains, whilst others acquire a minimal amount of premium .COM domains. Which is preferable in 2020, though?

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    Sedo's Top Sale Was Listed for a Record-Setting 14 Years

    Sometimes, you just need patience to sell your domain name. A recent top sale from Sedo was for $70,000, a sale that ranked in the top four all-time sales for two-letter .NET domains. The domain was acquired by FeatherstonMedia, an IT solutions company.

    According to this discussion, the seller of the domain had the name listed at Sedo for fourteen years before finally getting the price they wanted.

    Topic by: @Acroplex

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    Yes, some CEO don't value and appreciate domain but far sighted CEO will buy back their domain identity at ANY Cost... I have several experiences
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    Thanks for another great roundup. Always saves a lot of time and get to know some interesting topics out here.
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