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Top Topics: My $17,999 Afternic Sale; Why You Should Renew Your Domains In Advance...

By James Iles, Jul 24, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, AbdulBasit Makrani gives some advice about renewing domain names in advance, an investor shares a comprehensive list of places to find reported sales data, and there are details on how you can get free replays of The Domain Show sessions.

    Elsewhere, an investor shares their $17,999 Afternic sale, and this week's poll asks which device you predominantly use for domain investing.

    Why You Should Renew Your Domains In Advance

    Domain names as an investment are attractive prospects thanks to the fact that ownership maintenance is extremely low. Rather than paying huge real estate upkeep fees for example, with a .COM domain, you just pay around $10 per year to renew your ownership.

    Many investors rely on autorenewal, instructing their registrar to renew a domain name on their behalf. However, successful investor AbdulBasit Makrani, who owns a portfolio of around 4,000 domains, has put forward his argument for manually renewing domain names for multiple years in advance.

    Topic by: @AbdulBasit.com

    Where to Find Reported Domain Sales

    Reported domain name sales are the backbone of the domain name industry. Comparable sales data helps every investor when it comes to both buying and selling domain names. Many domainers are very forthcoming when it comes to sharing data on domain sales.

    Here, an investor has listed several sources to regularly check for domain sales data including NameBio, Twitter, and NamePros. The list doesn't stop there, and it's a timely reminder that this is a data-driven business, and you need data to thrive.

    Topic by: @TauseefKhan

    Which Device Do You Use?

    Another reason why domaining can be attractive is down to the fact that you can work just about anywhere. Whether it’s from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, buying and selling domains can be done anywhere.

    With that in mind, an investor has created a poll asking domainers to share which device or devices they typically use for their domaining activities. Do you predominantly use one device?

    Topic by: @alcy

    I Sold SemenRetention.com for $17,999

    This domain investor hand registered the domain SemenRetention.com in 2018 after becoming familiar with the practice and being amazed that the name was available for registration. In less than two years, the domainer managed to sell the name.

    The sales price, as disclosed in this discussion, was $17,999, with the domain sale closing via Afternic. This was a “buy now” sale, meaning that the investor had to put in zero effort for a significant return on investment!

    Topic by: @bruhne

    The Domain Show Conference - Free Replays

    As of writing, there is quite a significant event happening. For the first time, there is a major online domain name conference that has occurred thanks largely to the global COVID-19 pandemic. There are around thirty speakers lined up for the show including successful investors such as Braden Pollock alongside top brokers such as Andrew Rosener, Chris Zuiker, and Kate Buckley. The event, organized by @Page Howe, is free to participate in, live.

    However, if you want access to replays to view at your leisure, there is a fee. In this discussion, there’s a coupon code for free registration and replays of the conference.

    Topic by: @Ategy

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    Thanks for relevant and up to date informations
  7. AbdulBasit.com

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    Thanks for another great round up of good articles. I really like the sale of $17,999. That's the beauty of this business if done properly.
  8. Mytz.com

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    The rate of return is too high.
    Is really a domain name achievement a dream!
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    Always enjoy and appreciate the Top Topics.

    This does assist me and, certainly many others on NamePros in keeping up-to-date with the leading recent topics.

    And the Abdul Basit thread is an excellent read!

    Thanks James!
  10. bruhne

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  11. BMWMotoRider

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    RE: SemenRetention.com

    Great sale. If the Seller would have taken a few bucks from the sales proceeds, they could have also hand-reg'd. these names below. I bought them for $8.50 each, this evening:


    I really had my juices flowing today....
  12. TauseefKhan

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    Thanks for sharing important articles. I missed 'which device you use' will check it. Your compilation is a great reminder.
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    Thanks and again v good information sharing.
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