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Top Topics: I Sold for $10,000; Would You Buy

By James Iles, Nov 3, 2018
  1. Based on results from DomainIQ’s detection toolkit, the domain name may have been involved in a domain sale or a lease deal. The name has started forwarding to, a British digital marketing agency. A potential deal hasn’t been verified with either the buyer or seller, but given the name’s recent movement, it’s possible that the name has been involved in a deal.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    I Sold for $10,000

    In the latest .TV sale disclosed here, domain investor @Ammudamus shared details of their latest sale, The domain sold via Uniregistry for $10,000 with the help of one of the company’s brokers.

    Further details haven’t been published, but WHOIS shows the owner as Xavier Buck, co-founder of EuroDNS and director at DomainTools.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

    Poll: Would You Buy

    This week, one of the main news topics has been GoDaddy’s demand to social network Gab to transfer their domain away from the registrar., transferred to Uniregistry this week, was acquired in a $220,000 deal earlier this year. According to DomainNameWire, may have been acquired on a payment plan.

    Our featured poll asks whether you would buy the domain if it came up for sale. Has the bad press affected the domain’s future value dramatically? Could another end user successfully brand around the name?

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    Verisign Allowed to Increase .COM Pricing

    Another big story from the week was the US government’s approval of price increases for .COM domains. According to reports, .COM domain registration and renewal prices may be increased 7% per year for four years in a row.

    Here, investors are discussing the potential impact of this price rise. Will it have any effect on your domaining business? Large portfolio owners may well be hit hardest.

    Topic by: @offthehandle

    How Well Are New Extensions Doing?

    New domain extensions (New gTLD’s) have been in existence for several years. Domainers have had varied success with new extensions, with names such as and selling for six-figures a piece.

    Whilst there have been sporadic high value sales, how have the majority of domainers’ new gTLD investments performed? In this discussion, investors share sales evidence along with their own personal experiences of new extensions so far.

    Topic by: @jamesosix

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