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Top Topics: How Would You Invest $10,000?; GoDaddy Auctions Is a Whole Lot Better...

By James Iles, Mar 31, 2019
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    This week, we released the final installment of our four-part series teaching you how to perform outbound sales. Mike Robertson, Director of Business Development at, contributed a phenomenal amount of information to this series, and I truly believe that it's a valuable resource for any investor looking to start performing outbound sales, or interested in refining their technique.

    Here are this week's Top Topics. Sells for Over $500,000

    One of the biggest news stories of the week was the sale of for $500,240. The details were published at DNJournal and DomainNameWire, and produced quite the buzz throughout the domain industry.

    In this discussion, domainers are reacting to the sale and also talking about the investment potential of other CBD related domain names, after the new owner was quoted as predicting that the CBD industry will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars in a few years.

    Topic by: @maxtra

    I'm Doing All My Domaining On a Tablet

    The advantage of being in the domain industry is that you're dealing with purely digital assets, which gives you the freedom to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Thanks to new technology, it's easier than ever to perform various Internet tasks via tablets and smartphones, meaning that you could control your domain investments from the comfort of a sun lounger!

    Here, an investor has shared that they are now doing all their domain-related activities via a tablet, which has prompted many other domainers to post details of their setups. It's astonishing to see how many investors are operating from mobile devices.

    Topic by:

    GoDaddy Auctions Got a Whole Lot Better

    The GoDaddy auctions and marketplace platform is one of the most popular platforms for domain investors to both acquire domains and sell names to end users. Recently, GoDaddy's team have made some improvements behind the scenes that investors have noticed.

    According to this discussion, the domain transfer and payment procedures have improved dramatically, with a report that an entire domain sale was closed in just three days.

    Topic by: @alcy

    Poll: How Would You Invest $10,000?

    There are many ways to succeed in the domain industry, and various strategies can produce results. Some investors such as Josh Eisenhower (@ikehook) from DSAD have produced an incredible ROI by finding low cost names and selling them for three to four-figures, whilst a select group of domainers such as James Booth (@BoothDomains) focus on high-end deals.

    In this week's featured poll, an investor has asked how you would invest $10,000 in domain names. Would you buy one good name at $10,000 or would you buy one hundred names at $100 each?

    Topic by: @Arpit131

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    The sale is by far the biggest news on here last week. And as always, domainers went into frenzy, registering anything that has CBDOil in it.

    Thank you for the nice summery of the week
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    Thanks for the weekly summary.
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