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Top Topics: How Do You Manage Your Domains?; Where Do You Get Your Domains?...

By James Iles, Aug 3, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at the best methods for managing your domain names, the featured poll asks where you source most of your domain names from - whether that's auctions, hand registrations or by other means, and what's the best way to invest your money now to achieve a $300,000 return on investment in five to ten years from now?

    How Do You Manage Your Domain Names?

    For those who have sizable portfolios, how do you manage your domain names? To keep track of nameservers, expiration dates, and much more for hundreds or thousands of domain names is some feat.

    How would you go about managing such a sizable portfolio? Do you use tools such as excel, or a custom-made database?

    Topic by: @Rohit Lakhotia

    Where Do You Get Your Domains From?

    This week's featured poll asks where you get your domain names from. As a domain buyer, there are plenty of places that you could go to acquire domain names. From DropCatch to GoDaddy Auctions, and from NamePros to hand registrations.

    As of writing, hand registration leads the way as the most popular destination to acquire domains.

    Topic by: @Aron Raduly

    Uzi Nissan, Owner of, Passes Away

    The domain name is one of the most famous in Internet history. The name was registered in 1994, by Uzi Nissan, owner of an import/export company, and a lengthy battle with Nissan Motors over the domain ensued.

    This past week, it was announced that Uzi Nissan passed away from COVID-19. It's unknown what will happen to the domain name now.

    Topic by: @koolishman

    How Much Should I Invest to Get $300,000 in Five to Ten Years?

    How much should you invest to ensure a $300,000 return within the next five to ten years? That is essentially the question being asked here. According to the discussion, this investor wants to acquire one single domain name with the intention of holding it mid to long term to produce a $300,000 return.

    How much should they be willing to spend in order to achieve that return?

    Topic by: @Dancing Tree

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  6. PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Thanks for another interesting round up.
  7. Elsupremo

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    I would like $300,000 like everyone else for that once In a lifetime premium domain but i will settle for $75,000 for my 23 year old with sales in 50 state's and 23 countries. ENGINEKITS.COM
  8. WatchDogue

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    Appreciate the Top Topics bringing to my attention a particular thread I wanted to read, and never got back to doing so until, just a few minutes ago!

    Thanks James for brining together the top stuff of the week.
  9. jim h

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    Tag, thank you for sharing.
  10. Top 4L [email protected] PRO VIP Gold Account

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  11. Chilli

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    I have 160 TLDs I've had parked for 23 years (industry headings from the yellow pages) and want to make a website for each one with the domain in the url bar (www maltliquor com for instance) for each one. Which hosting company would be the best to go with that would allow me to make a unique page and have my own graphics on each background? I want the pages to be scrollable, as there is a ton of information I want to cover with each domain to give some idea of what similar names have sold for (like many millions of dollar each that are directly comparable) and how to determine what the organic results would be for their company. Some of these domains get massive hits per month without any website attached and they are all 100% virgin, never used or sullied by anyone. I've spent over 20 years looking for someone to broker these for me with no luck, as they keep thinking urls like this sell for hundreds of dollars. Really? Like legalattorneys com? I could make any broker that knew what he was doing a millionaire instantly. Any suggestions would help.
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