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Top Topics: Have You Ever Seen an Auction Like This?; Getting Rid of a Trademarked Domain...

By James Iles, Mar 3, 2019
  1. In case you missed it, we broke the news that the highly valuable domain name moved into Escrow this week in a reported seven-figure deal. Domain brokerage company Lumis followed our story by posting a tweet, confirming that they were involved with the sale. As of publishing, the name doesn’t resolve to a website.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Have You Ever Seen an Auction Like This?

    After a two-word domain name expired, caught the name and as with any name in their system with several bidders, it went to auction. Unlike most names, this one featured two potential buyers battling it out for several hours to try to acquire the domain.

    The auction grabbed the attention of several investors, who discussed the auction at length as it was happening. After the auction finally finished, one of the bidders shared some information as to why they fought for hours, bidding the name up from $1,000 to over $30,000.

    Topic by: @offthehandle

    I Sold a .APP Domain Name For $2,000

    Your first domain sale is always memorable, and this instance is no different as a new investor shared their recent sale of a .APP domain name for $2,000.

    Registered in 2018, this name attracted a buyer at marketplace Sedo who paid a four-figure fee to purchase the .APP domain. As of writing, the domain remains unused. Congratulations on your first sale!

    Topic by: @Tokenism

    Domain Names Are Real Addresses, According to the Chinese Government

    In 2015, Chinese interest in domain names exploded, causing prices in liquid domain categories such as two- and three-letter .COM to increase drastically with Chinese investors buying up as many liquid names as possible.

    The Chinese government has taken notice of domain names, and according to this discussion, domains are now treated as equal to physical addresses in China. More information on this interesting development is available at the link above.

    Topic by: @Domain_savvy

    What If...

    Recently, the community mourned the loss of domain investor @Petra, which prompted @Kenny to consider what would happen to your domain names once you pass away. Have you got a procedure in order already? Perhaps you have left instructions with a trusted friend or family member.

    Whilst death is a subject that few want to discuss, the protection of your digital assets is highly important. This discussion may prompt you to make arrangements.

    Topic by: @Kenny

    How Do I Get Rid of a Trademarked Domain?

    Recently, a new investor acquired a .DEV domain name during the extension’s early access program. After spending $4,500 on the purchase, the buyer planned to recoup the purchase fee by developing the name.

    However, it transpires that the name contains a trademarked term. This has led the buyer to ask the community for advice on how to get rid of the name. Should they keep it, or should they delete the domain before potentially being hit with a UDRP?

    Topic by: @IMadeABigMistake

    Event: Rick's 1st Annual Asheville Meetup

    Rick Schwartz has been a popular figure in domaining for the past couple of decades. His domain sales, whilst sparse, have amassed a sizable fortune. In 2015 alone, Rick sold almost $12 million worth of his own names while still keeping some of his best assets including,, and

    Aside from owning a phenomenal portfolio, Rick used to produce the popular Traffic conference. Recently, he announced his creation of the Asheville Domainer’s Meetup. Here, Rick outlines some of the details from the upcoming meetup.

    Topic by: @Rick Schwartz

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