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Top Topics: From $17 to $1,000; Can You Explain Cybersquatting?...

By James Iles, Feb 23, 2019
  1. Yesterday, Elliot Silver (@EJS) reported on Jamie Zoch's (@Yofie) discovery that the domain name had been sold recently. Not much is known about the purchase, but the new WHOIS showed Hampstead Trust of Auckland, New Zealand as the buyer.

    This trust has a history with the domain name, a domain that also has an association with the website It'll be interesting to see whether have played a part in the purchase of

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Can You Explain Cybersquatting?

    After registering a plural three-word domain name, this investor performed some outbound marketing. The domainer received a response from one prospect who owns a very similar domain, accusing them of cybersquatting on the name. The prospect has also instructed their lawyer to contact this investor.

    Is this a case where the term cybersquatting can be used? It's formed an interesting debate that has seen intellectual property lawyer John Berryhill weigh in with his expert opinion.

    Topic by: @Michael Oje

    How to Grow the Domain Industry

    The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) is an active threat to domain investors, with names sometimes seemingly pursued via this legal process as an alternative method to acquire a domain name if other more conventional methods have failed.

    These UDRP's can be costly to defend, which is why investor has proposed a UDRP fund to help some domainers fight any frivolous UDRP's.

    Topic by:


    Should the UK Switch from .CO.UK to .UK?

    In June 2014, UK domain registry Nominet introduced the shorter .UK TLD to go alongside the established .CO.UK extension. Existing .CO.UK owners have had the exclusive opportunity to acquire the equivalent .UK domain name since 2014, but as of June 2019, all .UK names will be available to the general public.

    Here, domainers are debating whether the UK should consider switching from .CO.UK to the shorter .UK. Is it a move that would be feasible?

    Topic by: @MadAboutDomains

    I Sold a One Word .CO Domain Name

    One-word .CO domain names are a popular alternative for startups who perhaps don't have the funding available to acquire a high-end one-word .COM. On NameBio for instance, there are numerous examples of one-word .CO names selling for four and five-figures a piece.

    This week, an investor sold a one-word .CO and shared the details with the community. The name was originally purchased for $17 just two years ago. The final sales price was $1,000. Congratulations to the seller!

    Topic by:

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    Thanks for sharing
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    Hey .. thanks for the interest in my sale .. Overall I've been very busy posting my daily lists of auction and closeout names, so haven't reported much lately. That being said .. I actually closed the sale on another $xxxx one word .co yesterday. I'll try to post a full report next week. In the meantime, here are the reports for other ones, if people find them helpful I'll try to post more in the weeks ahead :

    - Decibel
    - Rewired
    - Bookworm

    Here are the reports for some's:

    - Freeceive
    - Longevica
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    Thanks for the shout out James which is appreciated. I hope things go as planned. That would be better for the entire community. I just want to contribute in one way or the other. I've got plenty of benefits from fellow domainers in many ways. Although it's a very small industry but I've found some lovely people all around the world!

    Long time domains and domainers
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    Thanks for great highlight
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