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Free "for sale" landers at NamePros launched on April 1st; Are minisites dead? Afternic shared useless sales graph on 2022 domain sales; Dan canceled sale after buyer took the BIN option; Should you create your own landers or Afternic DNS for sales?

Free for-sale landers by NamePros
On April 1st, NamePros announced the availability of domain "for sale" landers, with a customizable interface. No, it was not a joke, and domain investors are openly raving about this great new opportunity to sell your domain names for free. Find out how to use the new system, free for all NamePros members!

Topic by @NamePros

Are minisites dead?
Minisites are web sites roughly 2-3 pages long that make use of exact match domain names and seek SEO visibility for the promotion or sale of services. Is the franchise dead? It feels like we had the same discussion 10 years ago, so let's see what happened in recent years.

Topic by @Blues Brother

Afternic Just Posts Data on Year 2022 Sales by TLD
As a GoDaddy-owned platform, Afternic has huge amounts of data on domains listed and sold on its popular marketplace. Sharing some of this data, such as numbers, could be appealing to domain investors. What did Afternic do? Find out what's the real value of a graphic chart depicting color squares of TLDs.

Topic by @Bob Hawkes

Dan.com canceled the deal and did not transfer domain after BIN payment
A domain sale at Dan.com went south, after the buyer used the BIN option to buy a domain, proceeded with payment, but no domain arrived. Instead, Dan.com canceled the transaction; find out what was the reason behind this cancellation.

Topic by @enamebroker

Own landing pages or Afternic?
Should you redirect to your own landing pages, or use the Afternic DNS? A poll explains the pros and cons of this decision.

Topic by @lknights1987

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