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In this week’s Top Topics, a seven-figure domain sale is revealed in the form of Brandforce’s $3,144,000 deal for Floor.com. Elsewhere, domainers react to a domain sale at the other end of the financial spectrum, and do you have a domaining company?

Brandforce Sells Floor.com for $3,144,000

One of the year’s top sales was revealed this week as Brandforce, a “brands as a service” marketplace, sold the domain Floor.com for a price of $3,144,000. If charted by DNJournal, it will rank as the third-largest domain sale of the year, which shows the strength of the premium aftermarket at the moment.

The buyer of the domain is currently unknown, but Floor.com does host a website selling rugs. Will this be the ultimate use for the domain, considering the usage of “floor” as a term in NFTs and cryptocurrency?

Topic by: @James Iles

Which Programming Language is Beneficial for Domainers?

An accomplished domain name investor naturally picks up numerous skills, but are there any that should be specifically learned? Are programming languages, for example, useful for domainers?

Here, an investor is wondering whether learning a programming language such as Javascript, C++, or even HTML is useful for a domainer? Does having knowledge of one or more programming languages offer an advantage in any way?

Topic by: @Sammy Jakes

Do You Have a Domaining Company?

Although many domain investors run sole ventures as a side hustle, domain investing can still produce tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue. This revenue usually signifies many sales and interactions with end-users.

Is it sensible, then, to set up your own company for your domaining activities? Here, several domain investors have revealed whether they have a domaining company, and why.

Topic by: @kite26

DVDs.com: From $300,000 to $10,000

In 2008, when sales of DVDs were rife, the domain DVDs.com sold for $300,000. According to CNBC, DVD sales fell more than 67% between 2011 and 2018, largely thanks to the growing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix.

This week, DVDs.com sold at Sedo for $10,000, a reduction of $290,000 on the domain’s acquisition price in 2008. Was this a bargain for the buyer, or did the seller leave money on the table? Investors are sharing their opinions on this sale here.

Topic by: @jamaltq

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An amazing sale, congrats to the seller and buyer.
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Thanks @James Iles I always enjoy your weekly topics and this time I was heavily involved in one of those threads maybe more than I'd like :)
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