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Top Topics: Sells for $1,945,000; My 30 Point Registration Checklist…

By James Iles, May 30, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, a domain investor shares their thirty-point registration checklist for hand registering a domain name. Elsewhere, a domainer sells a name within three minutes of listing it at a marketplace, and there are details on the recent sale of domain name database NameBio.

    My 30 Point Registration Checklist

    Many domain name investors are prolific buyers of hand-registered domains. If done correctly, the practice of hand-registering domain names and selling them on can be a profitable venture, but it’s something that few investors really get right.

    If that resonates with you, perhaps this checklist will help. Here, a domainer has shared a thirty-point checklist that they reference before registering a domain name. Would you benefit from using a guided list, or do you simply use gut instinct for registering domains?

    Topic by: @redemo

    I Sold a Domain Within 3 Minutes of Listing It

    Was this pure luck, fortunate timing, or was something else involved? A domain investor has shared the story of moving a domain name to a different marketplace after years of listing the name with another leading domain marketplace.

    Within three minutes of listing the name at the new marketplace, the domain was sold! Does this go to show that sometimes, regardless of the domain marketplaces used, it’s beneficial to switch and test new services?

    Topic by: @Revisiting

    NameBio Has Been Sold

    NameBio is one of the leading sources of domain name data for the domain industry. With a searchable database of over 2.7 million sales totalling $2.1 billion, it’s easy to see why it has become one of the most referenced resources in the domain industry.

    This week, it was revealed that NameBio has recently been sold. What do you think of the news that NameBio now has new owners?

    Topic by: @scithe

    A List of “No Transfer Lock” Registrars

    It seems that by default, a domain name becomes locked, as per ICANN regulations, for sixty days after a change to the registrant’s information. For investors that hand register and sell, or flip purchases quickly, this lock can scupper deals.

    According to this discussion, there are registrars that allow circumvention of the sixty-day lock and so, the community is collating a list of registrars that allow you to transfer a domain by opting out of the sixty-day lock.

    Topic by: @jd854 Acquired for $1,945,000

    George Kirikos is back with another discovery of a domain sale. This time, Kirikos has uncovered the $1,945,000 sale of

    According to the discussion, the domain was acquired by a crypto company named Exodus Movement. The sale was revealed in an SEC filing.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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    Do you know how to prevent a domain owner from go back on his word?He had promoised a price to deal but go back on his word when it started to do the transaction.
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