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New owner of EM.com is not Exxon Mobil; When did you acquire or register your very first domain name? Can investors treat domain sales revenue as capital gains? Can you buy a domain matched to a trademark and use it in a different locale? Domain investor lost his expired domains even after winning them at Sav auctions.

New owner of elite EM.com domain name appears to be Enterprise Holdings (not Exxon Mobil)!
Premium two-letter .com domain, EM.com, was sold; Many speculated that Exxon Mobil would be the obvious buyer but domain investor, George Kirikos, knows better: It's Enterprise Holdings. Find out the details of this amazing deal.

Topic by @GeorgeK

When did you buy your FIRST Domain Name?
Some investors have been doing it for years, registering domain names, that is. It's time to roll back time and recall when was the first domain name that you registered, or acquired. Join the conversation and share your experiences, free from any judgments about the quality of others' initial registrations!

Topic by @A1EX

Is it possible to treat a domain sale as capital gains?
In the US, long term capital gains tax is a lower bracket tax on revenue generated under certain conditions: The asset was held for more than a year. Can this be applied to sales of domain names? Quick answer: Yes. Long answer: Find out some important requirements.

Topic by @william

Buy a trademarked name and use it in a different country.
Entering risky territory: A domain investor, aware of a domain's link to a trademark, wonders whether he can circumvent the mark's restrictions by using the domain in a country different than the one the mark is registered in. Futile attempt, or brilliant strategy? Find out the facts of this dangerous game.

Topic by @oberheimer

Lost many of my expired domains even after I won them in the expired auctions at Sav.com
Forgetting to renew domains can be devastating; a domain investor did so at Sav, then used the company's auction system to win these expired domains. The story didn't have a good ending, as the investor's credit card marked individual name charges as suspicious. Find out what else could have gone wrong, and did, by joining this discussion.

Topic by @.tv

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