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Top Topics: Dynadot CEO's Q&A; Should We Stop Comparing Domains to Real Estate?

By James Iles, May 24, 2020
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    One of my favorite parts of the week is choosing the discussions for Top Topics. I get to take some time to browse the talking points of the week and compile a little list of Top Topics that I think will be interesting to you, the reader. I hope you like this week's selection, but as always, I'm available via private message if you have any suggestions or questions.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Am Todd Han, Ask Me Anything

    You may not be immediately familiar with the name Todd Han, but you will likely know his domain name registrar, Dynadot. Since 2002, Todd has been an active part of Dynadot's development as a registrar. (Disclosure, I have several domains currently registered at Dynadot.)

    In this "Ask Me Anything" feature, Todd has taken some time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from the domain name community. Even if you didn't personally ask a question, it's interesting to read through the tens of answers given by Todd.

    Topic by: @Dynadot

    Mistakes You Made As a Newbie

    If you didn't make mistakes as a newbie, are you really a domain investor? It seems that everyone has their own mistake story that still haunts them even as a successful domainer. One that always stands out for me featured in an old DomainSherpa interview, where Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener admitted to investing in a "domain name education" that cost him about $300,000 over three years.

    In this discussion, investors are asked to share their own stories of mistakes they made as a new domainer. Perhaps some of these stories resonate with you?

    Topic by: @Joseph David

    Dofo Releases a New Browser Extension

    Dofo has become a part of my daily arsenal as a domain industry participant, as Macit Tuna and his team have put countless hours into creating one of the most useful, free utilities for domain investors to check the aftermarket.

    This week, Dofo announced the release of their new browser extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to see whether a domain that you have visited is available for sale on the aftermarket. What do you think of this new tool?

    Topic by: @Macit

    Which Is Preferable: 365, 247, or 360?

    This past week, we had an almost unique situation where two very similar domains were auctioned off at a GoDaddy expiry on the same day. Those domains were and The result showed that, at least where crypto is concerned, 365 is more desirable as sold for $9,890, versus's $5,049.

    In general, though, which do you prefer? This discussion and poll aim to get the views of domainers on this subject. As of writing, "360" has a slight lead over "247", with "365" in a distant last place. Which do you think is the best of these three?

    Topic by: @Robbie

    Should We Stop Comparing Domains to Real Estate?

    Domain names have long been compared to real estate, with some investors labeling domains as "virtual real estate" due to the similarities that a prime location both physically and virtually can do to transform a brand's popularity. Even one of @Rick Schwartz's websites operates on the domain.

    But is it time to stop with this comparison? This investor certainly thinks so, calling the comparison "outdated and even somewhat damaging to the retail value of domain names these days." Do you agree with this? If so, is there an industry that you would compare domain names to instead?

    Topic by: @Dave

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  7. Dave

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    Thanks for the mention @James Iles

    I plan to write a follow up post soon in that thread
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    Cabbage ice cream. Lol. Ty.
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    Thanks for sharing! (y)
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  11. Asmaul Rakib

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    Got a awesome article. Thanks for your sharing. Thanks @James Iles
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    Thank you for your sharing
  13. xbank

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    Yes we should stop considering domains as a virtual real state asset.

    Any successful money-making business of any sort must be considered as a virtual real estate.

    Even dictionary words are hard to sell and I see premium domain names going out for sale for cheap.

    I do real estate and I always see going it up and up with huge margins, so we should stop calling domains as a virtual real estate, even calling this word does not make a good sense.

    Good Domains - can be considered valuable asset, but not like virtual real estate!

    Thank you.
  14. elevator

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    That is your own opinion when you say domain is incomparable to real estate. Everybody knew that premium domains are very much valuable and comparable to real estate in the virtual world
    Last edited: May 26, 2020
  15. xbank

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    I never said it's an opinion of all, of course, I was sharing my thoughts, I have own big number domains to lower-valued names, so I know and I have many many properties I gave on rent and they are keep getting appreciated over time so I understand property too very well.

    I do not want to write a long complete note on the difference between a piece of physical asset vs the virtual asset as it takes couple of hours and I can even write a book on it.

    I strongly believe a real estate is 500x better than a virtual asset, and that's what I have been doing.

  16. PapaTama

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