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By James Iles, Mar 24, 2018
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    In this week's edition of Top Topics, we feature domainer Page Howe's recent "Ask Me Anything" page and attorney John Berryhill warns the community about some recent stolen names. Elsewhere, an investor reveals a $6,250 domain sale resulting in a 2,767% return on investment inside a year, and we discuss the possible sale for five hundred Bitcoins.

    Page Howe's AMA

    Domain investor @Page Howe has had a long and successful career in domain names. He has sold two seven-figure names and has sold over $5 million worth of names over the past fifteen years.

    This week, Page announced that he was going to participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion as well as two live chat opportunities. The two scheduled live chats have passed, but here, Page is still answering questions giving advice and offering his valuable opinions on many different domaining topics.

    Topic by: @Page Howe


    Warning: Stolen Four-Letter Domains

    Leading Intellectual Property attorney John Berryhill (@jberryhill) warned the domain industry about several four-letter names that were stolen from a GoDaddy account recently.

    Aside from alerting the industry about these domains, John also offered an insight into how the security of domains may be compromised.

    Topic by: @jberryhill

    I Sold This Domain for $6,250

    An interesting sale that was revealed this week was a $6,250 deal that was closed less than a year after the investor acquired it. According to the discussion, this was a three-word .COM domain that the domainer bought for $213 last May.

    The domain was purchased via an Afternic page. Interestingly, the buyer could have saved $650 by visiting the domain's Uniregistry landing page, where the name was on sale for $5,600. Congratulations to the seller!

    Topic by: @MediaCode

    Did Sell for $7.9 Million?

    Three-letter acronym domains are valuable. NameBio has already listed five sales above $100,000 this year, but did sell for much more? An eagle-eyed investor shared a LinkedIn post that suggested that sold for five hundred Bitcoins in January 2018. At the time, these Bitcoins would have been worth $7.9 million.

    DomainIQ's WHOIS history does show that ownership of changed in mid-January. A recent Chinese article also seems to support the five hundred Bitcoin sales price. We are attempting to verify the transaction independently.

    Topic by: @levinsondomains

    Should Car Dealerships Use the .CAR Extension?

    SEO expert and new domain extension advocate Bill Hartzer posed an interesting question. Should car dealerships use a .CARS domain name? According to the discussion, after analyzing three companies using a .CARS domain, there were positive results for the companies involved.

    Whilst this wasn't a wide case study, it has brought about an interesting discussion about how new domain extensions could be used in the real world. What are your thoughts on new domain extensions?

    Topic by: @bhartzer

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