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Top Topics: Delta Acquired for $2,125,000; What Do You Want to Know About Domains?...

By James Iles, Jul 12, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, Dofo's founder invites investors to ask questions that he can answer using the hundreds of gigabytes of domain data that the company processes. Elsewhere, a domainer stumbles across one of the best geographical domain portfolios in existence, and George Kirikos uncovers yet another seven-figure domain sale.

    What Do You Want to Know About Domain Names?

    Dofo has quickly become the research tool of choice for many domain investors looking to research one or more domains or types of domains. The Dofo team routinely processes hundreds of gigabytes of data to produce its comprehensive site.

    With all this data at hand, Dofo's founder, Macit Tuna, has given any investor the opportunity to ask questions about domain names based on the data that Dofo has collated. Your question could be related to anything from how many domains were registered in the past few days to the most popular keywords for domains registered in Canada.

    Topic by: @Macit

    A Little Known Company That Owns the Best Geo Domains

    Exact match geographical domains such as or can be lucrative investments. Domainers such as Nat Cohen and Brent Oxley have a history of owning some of the top US state domains like and, but this week an investor has highlighted a company that owns some of the best names worldwide.

    The company in question, Pear, also operates on According to its website, Pear owns and operates the likes of,, and as well as some country .COM names such as,, and

    Topic by:

    The Story of's Sale for $475,000

    One of the fascinating aspects of the early Internet is the reason why some people registered domain names in the first place. While some registered domains for business, such as, some just registered domains on a whim, or for personal reasons.

    Here, an investor has shared a Reddit post in which the original owner of shares the personal reason why they initially registered the domain, before ultimately selling it for $475,000. Today, is owned by MicroStrategy, the company that sold for $30 million.

    Topic by: @Jv1999

    How Has 2020 Affected Your Domain Buying Habits?

    2020 may go down as one of the most pivotal years for the Internet, where more companies than ever focused on their online presence. This, of course, has been made necessary by the global COVID-19 pandemic, but nonetheless, it's a change that is happening.

    In this discussion, an investor has asked other domainers to share details on their buying habits for 2020. Have you bought more or fewer domains this year? Have you sold more domains than usual, which is leaving you with more money to buy names with?

    Topic by: @Way3 Sold for $2,125,000

    Domain investor George Kirikos, who owns an impressive premium portfolio himself, has a talent for uncovering previously undisclosed domain sales. Previously, he's discovered a $90 million domain deal, for example.

    This time, George discovered that Delta Airlines acquired its domain in July 2000 for $2,125,000. In the same discussion, George also found the sales of the likes of for $200,000 and for $115,000.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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    Another wonderful article with some interesting topics.
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    Do appreciate all of your weekly Top Topics summations .... glad I was reminded to read over the Geo domain thread.

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    Thanks, @James Iles for the mention.

    glad that some domain investors are sharing their keywords in which I think they were successful. We know what are top keywords but domain investor wise it's interesting to note keywords shared.
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