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In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at a multi-million dollar, two-letter .COM sale that has been discovered. Elsewhere, domainers debate the presence of TrustPilot reviews on landing pages, and one investor shares why they are thinking of quitting domaining.

Do You Think TrustPilot Affects Your Domain Sales?

As an end-user buying a domain name, trust is important, especially if it is the first experience of buying an aftermarket domain. Some end users are more likely to trust landing pages containing recognized brand names such as GoDaddy, but do TrustPilot reviews help or hinder domain sales?

If a TrustPilot rating appears on a domain's landing page, do you think an end-user is more or less likely to buy the domain through your landing page? That is the question that is being debated here.

Topic by: @equity78

Why I'm Thinking of Quitting Domaining

This week, a popular domain investor revealed that they are considering quitting the domain name industry in an announcement that has stirred a lengthy debate among domainers. The investor, @twiki, is known for providing advice and helpful hints to other domainers, but on this occasion, this in-depth post reveals their thoughts about quitting domaining.

According to the discussion, @twiki's reasons for potentially moving their focus to other areas of investment include the current state of the domain aftermarket and the risk of keeping money locked into domain names.

Topic by: @twiki Changed Hands for £3,013,000

In 2021, publicly traded British brand Gear4Music acquired, one of just 676 possible two-letter .COM domain names. These domain names can cost millions of dollars to acquire, with the likes of,, and all selling for multi-million dollar fees in the past.

Another domain to add to the multi-million dollar club is Gear4Music's Blogger Robbie Ferguson discovered this week that the company paid £3,013,000 to purchase Converted to US dollars, that fee is around $4,176,922, according to this discussion.

Topic by: @Robbie

With .COM Prices Increasing, I'll Be Dropping Some of My Domains

On September 1, 2022, wholesale prices of .COM domains increased across the board. Verisign has added $0.58 to the price it charges registrars for .COM domains. With the $0.18 ICANN fee and registrar markup, the price paid for registrations, renewals, and transfers has increased by a significant amount, especially if you own hundreds or thousands of domains.

With the .COM price increase in place, at least one domain investor is considering culling their portfolio, revealing that they will allow between 25% and 30% of their domain portfolio expire. Is this going to be the case for you?

Topic by: @Mister Funsky

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