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In this week's Top Topics, cryptocurrency exchange Banxa announces a multi-million dollar domain bundle sale, and we look at whether hyphenated domain name sales are on the rise. Elsewhere, there's a .TV sale and we find out more about the Rays.com domain name.

Is It Ok to Ask a Broker About a Domain Trade?

If you can’t afford to buy a domain name outright, there are plenty of creative ways to secure your desired domain. From payment plans to equity, end users with a desire to own a premium domain find a way of getting that name.

How about trading a domain for a domain, though? One domain name investor has their eye on a specific domain for an eCommerce business, but rather than paying cash for the domain, how likely is it that the domain’s owner and the representative broker may accept a domain trade?

Topic by: @BrandBreath

Banxa Announces AU$3 Million Sale of Crypto-Related Domain Names

Australian cryptocurrency exchange Banxa announced this week that it had sold a handful of crypto-related domain names for an AU$3 million fee, which is the equivalent of around US$2 million.

Those domain names were sold to fellow Australian cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve, which boasts around 250,000 users across Australia and New Zealand. The three domains include the standout Bitcoin.com.au.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

Are Hyphen Domain Sales On the Rise?

I’ve never thought that the sale of hyphenated domains has been prevalent, but according to NameBio, 2021 saw 2,996 hyphenated .com domain sales at an average of $595. One investor thinks that hyphenated sales are on the rise, though.

Quoting several recent four- and five-figure hyphenated domain sales, the investor wonders whether hyphenated domain sales are on the rise. So far this year, NameBio has recorded 2,063 hyphenated .com sales at a slightly higher average sales price than 2021.

Topic by: @MrDenton

Restaurant Turns Down Tampa Bay Rays for Rays.com Domain

In August 2022, twins Durland and Darvin Miller sold their domain name Twins.com to Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins. This move means that just two domains, Giants.com and Rays.com, now elude the ownership of MLB.

Giants.com is actively used by the NFL team New York Giants while Rays.com hosts the website of a seafood restaurant in Seattle. An article featured here takes a look at the restaurant that owns Rays.com

Topic by: @Lox

Capitol.tv Sold for $4,999

A small .TV domain sale to finish this week’s Top Topics. The sale comes courtesy of prolific .TV domain investor @Ammudamus, who has previously sold domain names such as Germany.tv for $50,000.

The sale, which closed via the Afternic network, has seen Capitol.tv change hands for $4,999. The domain name has changed nameservers to a DNS owned by corporate registrar CSC.

Topic by: @Ammudamus

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